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vs Newton OS (for all intents and purposes, co-released with the original Palm Pilot OS): [with ninja props to @SolipsismX for picking the same graphic!]     And grid organized icons from Macintosh OS 1.0 circa 1984     We can go back to Doug Englebart and 1968 from there with visits to PARC extending Englebart's work (but deciding it wasn't worth the business to field-- oops!)
  what part of        is different than       "make an invention ubiquitous through some extra non-inventive twists" seems an awful lot like "put original or inventive methods or processes into practice"     So I used different words than followed up with, they mean essentially the same thing.  About the only room for interpretation is that my made ubiquitous requires your put into practice to be widely successful, not simply done to any degree.     Can you...
@fredaroony is intentionally misstating my previous post, he does this regularly with many posters who do not agree with his astroturf.  Maybe he should have the citation needed before you or anyone else believe anything he says.
  No, you are intentionally misreading, a skill you have repeatedly proven to be very adept at.   It doesn't matter how many times a fictitious thing does not happen to you, it only matters if the real thing happens to others.   I do state that the defaults can change essentially unbeknownst to many users.   I have assisted PC users who have no clue what browser is opening and don't care.  At least until the newly defaulted browser doesn't have the expected certificates...
  You just agreed with me, and said something substantially different that you implied in your first post on the topic.   Are you so wrapped up in zero sum that you can't see what's plain in front of you?
Have a look through your hard drive to see what may be unneeded or duplicated.  This can be helpful: http://www.omnigroup.com/products/omnidisksweeper/   You can see what folders and files are really large.  Chances are there's something there unintended.  
  Well your PhD in "Science" sure is lacking in even basic mathematical rigor.  I don't even need to start discussing projections to get to that point (every pun intended).   Either you are a PhD in a soft science that barely recognizes the term mathematics (thinking stats is all you need to know), you got the degree out of a mill printer, or you are just flat out making crap up. Take any math from multivariable calculus on and it is impossible to make any statements like...
Only for those who refuse to accept the last two years of tech lawsuit reporting at face value.
  You are confusing inventive with innovative.  Apple was not inventive with Siri, but they are very innovative.  The difference is innovation is not about invention, it is about the ability to make an invention ubiquitous through some extra non-inventive twists.     So yes, picking the correct check to write is a key part of innovation. 
In theory, if the reformat was done from the startup drive.  But there are other ways to get at Disk Utility and I make no assumptions about the creativity that leads to disaster.  It is never bad advice to council against doing something catastrophic, even if you think it might not be possible.  Because you don't want to find out you underestimated Mr Murphy.
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