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   So you noticed iCloud/cloud difference in my quoting. Okay. But why are you ignoring the direct quote "stream purchased content from the iTunes Store" ? It doesn't fit your previous statements ? The article only mentions direct streaming iTunes-puchased content, nothing about direct streaming third-party content such as Netflix.
   Oh, I've read that article. Carefully. It just says that the enhancement will allow AirPlay to control ATV to "stream purchased content from the iTunes Store" (such as iTunes video) directly from the iCloud. Obviously, iCloud doesn't have Netflix videos... The article doesn't say anything about third party content.
Chromecast pulls video directly from Netflix servers into your TV's HDMI port. Airplay works differently. First you pull video from Netflix server to your iDevice's Netflix app, then iDevice converts it to Airplay streaming format, transmits it to your ATV, then ATV decodes AirPlay formatted stream , then outputs the signal into your TV's HDMI port. And I'm not even sure if Netflix App's AirPlay implementation supports 5.1 audio.
One scenario of using Airplay is when you watch Netflix on ipad/iphone and stream the sound  to your Airplay-enabled receiver (such as Denon). In this example, you may not have a TV in your bedroom, but you have a sound system attached to Airplay-enabled Denon receiver. So you use iPad to watch a movie in your bed, with the movie audio coming out of your bedroom speakers.   The downside of playing Netflix from your iDevice through Airplay (compared with playing a...
    Hahaha, Tallest Skill, you just made my day. Thank you for a good laugh :) I am sure now, you can't be serious about "6 vs. 5" anymore, and are enjoying jerking people around and their reaction.
I called them again on Monday and mentioned the case number that had been created on Sunday. The rep looked over the case and repeated the same story about having to wait up to 7 days. I said some people getting this matter resolved within the same day. I then was transfered to a manager... I hoped manager would say something different, But no, the manager repeated exactly the same thing, and said she can't do anything to speed up the process. I'm now going to call them...
When I called Sunday morning, I pressed "Technical Help" menu option and talked a rep. She asked me for IMEI number, created a "case" which later would be forwarded to "Unlocking Dept" and said someone would contact me within 5-7 business days. She also asked for my email. So far I did not get any emails from ATT. My phone is 3GS, out of contract and not active. I do not remember whether I bought it through Apple or ATT. I really need to have it unlocked by Friday, because...
New Posts  All Forums: