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I had a LaCie big disk drive fail just out of warranty. Called their tech support - I was SOL. LaCie can go to and take their cheap-ass drives with them.
I bought a MicroCell about two months ago, but the phone would still drop calls on 3G. I then went and had the phone replaced under Apple Care and the new one was dropping calls, too. Maybe I was just holding the phone wrong
Strange. Bought the i7 17" yesterday and the power adapter looks used. The cord looks new, but the white brick (which was plastic-wrapped) is all scratched up. One side has a bunch of surface scratches and the other has small deep scratches about half an inch long all around the apple logo. Just wondering if Apple has started recycling the white brick part or if someone in China just had a bad day that day.
After over a year and a half with a 3G iPhone (replaced once under warranty) all across the Dallas area, I have always dropped EVERY call made or received while on 3G, provided the call was over a minute or two in length. It's basically been an Edge phone except when I manually switch to 3G for data say while waiting in the car for something. It's so bad I've wished Apple had put a hardware 3G/Edge switch on the side. It's really hard to believe no one has made them...
Indian tech support is equal to or better than US based centers. HOWEVER, customer serviced based centers are a different story.
What about halfway between virtualization and dual booting? How about Apple has their own Virtual PC written into OSX that functions seamlessly like Classic (of course requiring a copy of XP)? Couldn't Apple force XP applications into using OSX windowing and open/save, etc. menus? Just thinking out loud here...
They need to do it before OSX for Intel can easily run on a generic PC box via an downloadable hack (and it *will* happen). If they don't license OSX, then perhaps their mindset is to allow for a viral outbreak of OSX on generic PCs - then license it at some point in the future.
I've got a better idea. Next time you get a hot rumor, shove it up your ass.
Well you have to wonder, though. Apple tried to stop the hymn project because it cut into sales of music. OSX hacked to run on a Non-Apple PC may cut in to a few Mac machine sales, but right now there is a sea of Non-Apple PC users that could be potential purchasers of OSX for Intel. We're talking about people that would never buy an Intel-based Mac machines anyway. I think Apple would be smart to release the hack themselves. One of their engineers could set up a...
Allow me to reframe: Soon-to-be Intel Ex-Vice President Deborah Conrad said: "Never would we characterize our customers that way."
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