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 Are we sure that the new Apple TV hardware will not support 4K? It might just be a software update in a year or two.
Exactly. Better to buy a machine that will likely not break or need an upgrade in 5 years than one that you can tinker with but will likely need tinkering.
I think the lines between MacBook, MacBook Air and even MacBook Pro are getting fuzzy. Apple is going to want to simplify the lineup. I see the new MacBook as the start of a new Retina based line of Mac laptops in three physical sizes:12" super light and thin, meant for mobility but alas little cpu power: This is what was introduced and it's actually smaller and lighter than the current 11" Air. 14" mid size, probably smaller and lighter than the current 13" Air: It will...
 Great solution but I would suggest a slight modification. The device should be a dongle with a short leash to the rMBA and the MagSafe connector should be connected in a straight line through the dongle while the USB pass through connection would be perpendicular. That would look more natural when the rMBA is only connected to power and it would actually increase the safety feature of MagSafe. Yanking the power cord in any direction would cause the dongle to flex such...
 Or... TouchID will be used to implement a multi-user interface for the iPad in iOS 9. You touch and you get your environment. Multi-user on an iPhone seems less useful although someone might want to have two environments (home/work?) by using left thumb or right thumb. Otherwise I think I agree with the gripe that TouchID should be optional to wake the iPad without losing the ability to use TouchID in apps and purchases. Seems like an easy fix unless there is some deeper...
 People also tend to also forget that the AMOLED displays that Samsung and others use only have two color subpixels per pixel (Pentile RG-BG) instead of the standard three color scheme (RGB). That means the effective resolution of those displays are near 20% less than the advertised numbers.
Good points. Maybe I'm overreacting about the failure aspect. Most other brands (samsung, htc etc) seem to have gotten away with protruding cameras. I personally have avoided using a case, accepting the nicks and scratches that have accumulated on the edges. With a protruding camera and a not-so-sexy back side, I and many others would probably resign to putting a case on.
Totally agree. The protrusion means it will not lay flat on a table and rock back and forth as you press different areas of the screen. That seems like such an astonishingly absurd failure. I'm hoping that the lens only comes out when the camera is turned on and then goes back in flush when not used. If it has optical zoom capability then that would be an astonishing accomplishment. We can only hope.
Looks like a copy of Danalock (danalock.com) which has had this for years.
Apple has the opportunity to do the exact opposite. They can offer the two bigger sizes at 4.7" and 5.5" while offering future 4" models with the smaller bezels and rounded edges. The future 4" models will be even smaller, more pocketable and easier to use single handedly than the current 4" models.
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