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Normally you would compare the price to the closing price last year to tell whether the price is in "positive territory" this year, just as you would compare today's price with yesterday's close. The closing price on Dec.31 2012 was 532.17 so Apple broke into positive territory a few days ago.
 A 13" tablet with a keyboard cover and added multitasking capability is creeping into laptop territory. Will it be called iPad Pro?
Are you sure about this? If I remember right they sold less than 40m in FQ1 2011 (the december quarter) and less than 50m in FQ1 2012. How will there be a sales decline if they sell less than 60m? Just checked the number from last year's September quarter, which was 26.9m. If they sell 31.7m this quarter that would be nearly 18% increase. The other number that was mentioned was 33.5m which would mean over 24%.
I don't know why people keep calling it a 7" tablet. Maybe it's because the physical size is comparable to 7" tablets that were available. Not only is the screen much bigger than a typical 7" tablet, it's actually bigger than a typical 8" tablet.
 Good point. He then calls it a 10% sequential decline. More like a catastrophic collapse. Also note that the 5C is debuting in many countries in Europe and elsewhere in the Desember quarter. Pent up demand will make Desember a big quarter in those countries. I do predict though that Apple will drop the 4S early next year and the 5C will take it's place on the low end as manufacturing costs decrease, novelty wears thinner and competition continues. A 5" model will be...
 A 13" iPad could be matched with a proper keyboard size.
If you separate the cash from the operations part of the company, the operations part has a P/E of 8 or 9 like you say but the cash part has a P/E of 30 or more (assuming Apple's conservative investments of the cash). That's why it makes sense to get rid of the cash.
 There seem to be discrepencies in both articles. The nowhereelse article shows the iPad mini being thicker than the iPad 5 which can't be right. The appleinsider article lists the iPad 4 as being 9.55mm but apple.com lists it at 9.4mm. The biggest change is the thickness. If 7.5mm is correct, that means 20% thinner which would be incredible. The result is an iPad that will likely be close to 25% lighter, about 500g or just over a pound.
 Aren't you misunderstanding the concept of a company going private? It doesn't go private by buying its own shares. That would be kind of bizarre because then no one would own the company. A company goes private when a small group of people buy all the shares and take it off the public stock exchange. They are the ones that would have to raise $400B+. Who has the ability to do that?
The iPad uses a 12W adapter while the iPhone uses 5W. 12 + 5 = 17. Maybe this will be a new separately sold 17W adapter that can charge two (or even 3) iOS devices simultaneously. Third parties have been offering this kind of thing but we all know what Apple thinks about third party power adapters.
New Posts  All Forums: