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Agreed. One of the most useful features I've seen that exists on Android (for the area of the world that I live in) is an app that changes the way the phone functions. When a phone number calls that isn't in your contacts, the app will look up the number on the net and display who it is. Someone said that this was easy in Android because the app just takes over some core functionality and does what it needs to do. For security reasons Apple would not allow this but it...
Exactly. You are clueless.
If they can make it thinner, lighter and also significantly trim the side bezels as the rumors are suggesting, that would be quite a feat. It almost seems impossible.
I notice the the side bezel is still wider than on the mini (judging by the home button size) which is probably good because you won't quite be able to hold the bigger iPad in the same way. More thumb room is needed.   My question is what is a "shallow rounded corner"?
What about the general shape of the device? My instinct suggests that the curved back of the original iPhone would tend to make it fall on its back or side. The symetrical front and back of the iPhone 5 combined with a lighter aluminum back and a heavier glass front would tend to make it fall on its face. Also, a lighter and thinner device (i.e. iPhone 5) will fall slower. The iPhone 4 had glass on both sides and fell like a stone.
Ah, but an accessory can be a revolution.
Exactly. I actually tried to use map software on a non-GPS iPad which was tethered to my iPhone. The iPad did not get the accurate GPS location information from the iPhone as I was hoping, rendering the mapping software all but useless on the iPad. I'm going to guess that this feature will be implemented in the next version of iOS.
Finally, competition in the new 8 inch tablet market. The Note 8.0 has a screen area of 28.8 sq.in. The iPad Mini measures at 29.6 sq.in. The Note's dimensions are 210.8 x 135.9 x 7.95 mm. The Mini's dimensions are 200.0 x 134.7 x 7.2 mm. The Note weighs 338 g. while the Mini weighs 308 g. So, the Note is bigger and heavier but has a smaller screen, albeit with higher resolution... for now.
There are four problems with continuing with the 4 (or 4S): 1. They are actually expensive to make because they're made out of glass and metal. They can make a new phone at less cost, even considering start costs, and the cheaper phone may even be better (lighter, bigger screen etc). 2. They should standardize on the 4 inch screen, especially if they're going to eventually come out with a larger screen model. 3. They have to exterminate the old 30-pin connector and move...
Plan B is to offer MS Office on the iPad.
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