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There are four problems with continuing with the 4 (or 4S): 1. They are actually expensive to make because they're made out of glass and metal. They can make a new phone at less cost, even considering start costs, and the cheaper phone may even be better (lighter, bigger screen etc). 2. They should standardize on the 4 inch screen, especially if they're going to eventually come out with a larger screen model. 3. They have to exterminate the old 30-pin connector and move...
Plan B is to offer MS Office on the iPad.
  This is completely wrong and an oft repeated mistake. The Sept quarter was much higher than Apple's projection but it wasn't as high as the analysts were dreaming. It wasn't Apple that missed but the analysts. Apple's guidance was an EPS of $7.05 which ended up being $8.67. The average analyst had worked themselves up to around $8.81. They overshot a little.   This was a quarter yearning for major product upgrades, especially the iPhone, but they still grew some 27%...
In my view, the main point of a "whole" TV would be to be able to offer a simple user interface with a small and simple remote instead of the multiple remotes and configurations that people are still tolerating. I imagine turning on said TV and being presented with an interface something like the current AppleTV box provides. That would be the "main" interface as opposed to the current tv interfaces where you start with the tv remote, chose your input channel, switch to...
It's a clever new niche for LED bulbs and personally I can't wait to try it out. Of course you won't change all your lights but three bulbs in the living room doesn't seem excessive. The remote control stuff doesn't add much to the already high price of a quality LED bulb. This is Philips, not some cheap generic light bulb company.   Also, in your comparison you don't mention the bother of having to change lightbulbs at the least opportune times. That's worth a few bucks.
Yes, but you can't control the color of the lightbulb from the light switch. That can only be done from within.
I don't think Apple will be "too afraid" to do something like that. I'm picturing a tall Mac mini style box.
The iPad doesn't fit into a coat pocket. That's what the iPad mini is all about.
They could surprise with 2048x1536 like the new iPad. That would give a pixel density like the iPhone 4/5. In any case, yes, the ratio will be 4:3 and it will run all iPad apps unchanged.   Something tells me that Apple won't want to make new products that don't have retina displays. However, in this case they need to keep the price point low so they should probably stick with the lower resolution and make the jump maybe next year.
  I think people are reading this wrong. IOS devices will soon represent more than 90% of Apple's income. The Mac and non-IOS iPods are going to be fringe product lines. Apple is putting all their energy into IOS devices and this new hire will most certainly be part of that with future iPhones, iPods, iPads, TV products and whatever else their collected imaginations conjure up and dare to do. Huge investments dwarfed by mind boggling returns.   It may be that the iPad...
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