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  I think people are reading this wrong. IOS devices will soon represent more than 90% of Apple's income. The Mac and non-IOS iPods are going to be fringe product lines. Apple is putting all their energy into IOS devices and this new hire will most certainly be part of that with future iPhones, iPods, iPads, TV products and whatever else their collected imaginations conjure up and dare to do. Huge investments dwarfed by mind boggling returns.   It may be that the iPad...
  Something doesn't seem right with these two phones. If the bigger one is truly only 4.8" then the smaller one (I applied a ruler to my monitor) is only 3.6" or thereabouts. At that size those 5 icons on the bottom row are going to be hard to hit with a one-handed thumb.   If the smaller one is 4" then the bigger one would be well over 5".
  This will only be available in Europe. This is so you can use any micro-usb based charger to charge your phone, as required by law in an attempt to reduce the massive consumption (throwing away) of chargers. The US doesn't have this requirement so Apple doesn't offer the adapter there. I'm sure 3rd parties will offer something like it eventually. I haven't seen it in Apple stores outside of Europe.
  Apple designs their own chips. Samsung gets the blueprints and uses their advanced 32nm tech to manufacture the chips. Then, a few months after getting the blueprints they start producing their own.
  Another reason: There are no gaping holes at the top. This means if there is some rain while you're talking or looking at the screen, there's less chance of water getting in.   I haven't yet heard any reason to have the headphone plug at the top. The only reason it was there on previous iphones is because there wasn't room on the bottom.
  The new battery has 5.45 Watt-hours of energy storage while the old had 5.3. That's less than a 3% increase. The new one is at least 10% longer so I'm assuming it will be significantly thinner. My guess is a longer lasting battery due to reasons like those mentioned above.
The problem with the Tom Tom is that it doesn't cover as much as other map and directions providers. As an example, Iceland is not covered by Tom Tom, while the country is well covered by Garmin, Google maps and Nokia's navigation system.   Hopefully with Apple's added business Tom Tom will expand their coverage.
  But, a programming solution is an invention. It required thought, time and energy to come up with a novel idea and implement it.   That being said the problem with software patents is that they tend to not to be too far from the obvious. Each solution usually doesn't take years of development and can be implemented very quickly. I think the root of the problem is the inflexibility of the patent system. I think it would work out better for society/humanity (remember that...
The iPhone is responsible for almost half of Apple's income. By itself it is a larger business than the totality of Microsoft. Surely it would be important enough to have it's own event.   The iPad is also huge. By itself it is a larger business than all of Mac and all of iPod.   I think we all haven't quite gotten our heads around the enormity of these products even though the whole product line can be put on a small table.
  This phone has probably been in development for 2 to 3 years. The 7th generation iphone is probably in mid development now and a team has probably being assembled to start on the 8th. Most people don't realize how long and tedious this process is when paving your own way.   Steve was surely alive when this connector was developed, along with a bunch of other competing design variations that he/they could then choose from, followed perhaps by some testing and fine tuning...
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