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Wouldn't this be Q2 2010? As in Apple's second fiscal quarter, but the first calendar quarter. Nitpicking I know.
That has nothing to do with Mini DisplayPort and everything to do with HDCP.If they had HDMI this won't change.
Where's the "Like" button?
Believe the reviewer was suggesting that you could plug another Mac into the iMac and use that computer while the iMac does some hard work.
Also fixes the guest account data deletion problem. http://news.worldofapple.com/archive...ld-seed-notes/
Surely the newer version was released after Apple sent Snow Leopard to GM and had the ROMs mastered? If that is the case what do you expect Apple to do, send you a separate disc with a Flash installer on? Get a grip.
Welcome to two weeks ago, some good analysis as well - http://news.worldofapple.com/archive...-new-law-firm/
App is called AccuFuel.
About as significant as that fart I just did. iPhone OS 3.0 requires iTunes 8.2.
Hardly, Johnson says further on in that article that traffic through stores is reduced. Which means they wouldn't need as many staff on the floor, no point wasting money employing full time staffers when they could work half time.
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