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Yeah he does, so by your definition he is a squatter.
Darn, I must have typed www.kindleinsider.com into my address bar.
You're right about speed, but during peak times our ISPs can't cope with volume. My ISP and many others throttle sites that offer large downloads (iTunes is one of them), during peak times I can't start a rental on my Apple TV as it won't arrive for 6-7 hours!
As someone who doesn't own a printer I have stripped all these print drivers already. But I have come across times when I've needed to print, if the printer is PostScript compatible (majority are) then OS X can print to it using the Generic PostScript driver.
Macworld not MacWorld
Second that.
Assuming it isn't a Mini-DVI (which it 100% is) then what would be the video output option on these notebooks?
Adding to the other rubbish in this article the linked repair guide is on how to replace a display and a reminder to add the AirPort antenna.
The iPhone 3G is available on pay as you go in the UK from O2.
Barring the fact that this app looks like something suited for Windows XP and I have no doubt it'll actually be a piece of junk it certainly looks feature packed. We need more of this but looking better and interfacing with Pages, Keynote and Numbers.
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