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You have a store, greedy or what!
Jesus! Floppy drive!!!
My estimate would be £300 to £350, comes with a sim card and is sim locked. Just a guess but O2 doesn't want these things unlocked.
Oh, I see! My apologies
Dunno how but - http://www.napster.co.uk/faq.html14. Does Napster work with iPod? Napster would like to work with your iPod, but Apple has chosen to keep both the iPod and iTunes closed off from Napster and every other digital music service. Napster's philosophy is different. A Napster subscription gives you more ways to discover and enjoy music on more players. For a list of Napster-compatible players, click here.
500m according to Apple 2.0 blog.
Kind of found my own answer from Macworld.com's transcript.2:43 PT - DM: Piper Jaffray: And we’re back to the iPhone revenue recognition delay. 2:43 PT - DM: Opp: Delay recognition of revenue and product cost of iPhone, but will continue to expense operating expenses on advertising, engineering, period costs, etc. 2:43 PT - DM: PJ: Charging for iPhone 2.0 for those who bought before March 6th? 2:44 PT - DM: Opp says it’s free. 2:44 PT - DM: PJ: Why deferring after March...
Can anyone clarify this, I'll probably go back and listen again but I was certain they said that customers who bought after March 6th WOULD be charged.
Take 2 update has been available worldwide since February, doesn't matter where you live. My Apple TV happily updated to 2.0.2 last night, and I'm in the UK
I'd imagine like any hard drive it'll naturally spin down when inactive.
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