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What's with the backdating of articles on this site? This story has a publishing date of 9.00am EST but was posted nearer to 10.00am. I'm telling the SEC on you
In that case I'll let you off
Agreed, the title is very misleading. Apple has not warned anyone, an analyst has.
Agreed, in that respect they do the job but the harsh use of flash causes erratic colours and a general garish look to lots of the photos.
There is a difference between high-quality photos and high resolution photos. These are high resolution but very badly taken pictures. In my opinion, at least.
Apple's booth is void of iMacs, MacBook Pros, MacBooks and all iPods but the touch.
A big thank you to AI for highlighting this issue. I have experienced the trouble on a Core 2 MacBook Pro but not nearly as bad as some of the situations explained. But I do suffer with the keyboard almost being asleep, I can start typing and it only seems to start recognising what I'm typing two or three characters in, anyone else got this?
If that was the case then every criminal in the world would be pulling that excuse.
Let me straighten something out for you. Ringtones cost extra because the music industry says they have too. iPhone contracts are expensive because Apple *not Steve Jobs* is raping phone companies by taking profits from the sale of the phone, thus causing the carriers to up prices of the contracts to help make some money.
New Posts  All Forums: