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They appear to be fairly recent renderings, one of the front views has an iPhone in the store window
What happened to the bread crumbing?
Don't forget San Francisco
Any word on whether this patches the vulnerabilities found the other week?
Find me proof of that, I came across a friends phone that was on Three that was locked.
O2 are back tracking on this rumour. http://news.worldofapple.com/archive...with-apple-uk/
Comptable, should be compatible.
So that the Apple TV isn't limited to just Apple's video formats. If someone can find an easy risk free way for me to install crap loads of codecs onto an Apple TV and enable true AC3 (5.1) sound, then I'll be a happy boy.
Still prevalent in Leopard builds.
A bit of a difference between applications and the entire OS. Features that are apparently secret are going to be fully integrated into the OS. They WILL need testing.
New Posts  All Forums: