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Ad dawns? Say what? Ooooooooooooh adorns. [Edit: For those confused I'm playing the words a bit]
If you don't want to read AI's "proprietary" script then you can listen to it here.
That fact that Macworld.com reported it first is proof enough for most.
"won't not be"
Surely the chance of the labels reconsidering is slightly higher than 25-percent. In fact I'm inclined to side with Jobs on this one (obviously \ ). In Jobs' open letter he writes that CDs are sold without any DRM, and have done for many years, I can purchase a CD for £7.97 or less on Amazon compared to £7.99 on iTunes, and on that CD I get better quality and DRM free. I think the labels are about to come under some severe pressure over this.
Minus his clicker going wrong and suddenly jumping into a story about him and Woz, unless....... \
Guys you might want to make use of the auto-levels tool in Photoshop, last time I checked the base station wasn't a tinge of pink.
Agree with the comment above, this is not an Apple Store, it is an Apple Reseller, that's why it looks like a bag of....
Wow, you must have been really lucky. Everytime I've been in Regent Street I've been amazed at the lack of knowledge the staff show, it's well known that the Regent Street Store hires staff who are great at selling, which is all fair enough but when you ask a simple question it'd be nice to get an answer rather than a blank face.
I should think so, many generations of Apple's laptops have had removable Airport cards.
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