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Also, the 3G iPhone will contain different hardware (3G chipset) so you'll have to buy a new phone to move to the 3G network. I think the 3G version will be *announced* within 1-2 months, but will not be available until September/October.
If you buy S&T 2004 at $150 in order to get SME 2008 for $7, then you've saved $343. You could even repeat the process two more times and get three licenses for $471. That's $29 less than the retail price for ONE license of SME 2008.
Dell's HQ is a little further north, in Round Rock. Here's a map.
It's an interesting idea, but without iTunes connectivity it's hard to tell how useful it would be. As far as the interface, it's awkward to have the "Last.fm Tracks" button above the text input fields, and the text box at the bottom seems redundant if you're able to see all the tags (ideally) in the tokens field. Unfortunately, as a standalone app I don't think I would use this much, but it would be a nice feature to have in the official Last.fm app; it could tag each...
Slow news day?
I can't stand to use iTunes as a video player. I use it to download video podcasts and sometimes videos from the iTunes Store, but I always use QT Player to actually watch the videos. I'd be nice if Apple made a dedicated app for managing/playing video, but it looks like iTunes is it for the time being. \
I think Gruber predicted 24M and I don't think that's far off. The new shuffle is crazy popular.
Maybe a special-edition iPod?
You're right. Let's go ahead and close this thread now.
I second that.
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