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Polanski's The Tenant Coppola's The Conversation Soderbergh's The Limey Welles' The Trial ...and anything by Kubrick, but especially A Clockwork Orange
Maybe it's not a good idea, but when I sold mine, I used some of those Clorox antibacterial wipes to get all the crud off, they worked pretty well. A mixture of water and rubbing alcohol might do the trick also...
I don't know what to tell you, except bright-green on bright-orange hurts my eyes.
Wilco's exaggerated response was satire, poking fun at Denton's comment as being immature or childish. I would tell you to lighten up, but I'm afraid you'd take it the wrong way...
A lot of Windows users will migrate over to the Zune on the assumption that it'll work better with their computer, but I think they'll find all the problems that plague iPod/iTunes on Windows are inherent with the Zune as well. And if they think Apple has bad support, wait until they get a load of MS! You'll have to pay $49 per incident for that $99 player. BTW, does anyone else think that sharing files over WiFi on a Microsoft product is a recipe for disaster? Not to...
http://www.apple.com/support/ipod/ Right-hand column, under Search and Repair & Status.
I tend to agree with you on this. I can't see them doing both locked/unlocked; it'll either be one or the other.The MVNO thing seems most likely because it ties into all their other products/services. An ExpressCard for the MacBook Pros to use with high-speed data plans. A mobile iTunes Store for ringtones, games, maybe even short videos. Syncing contacts, calendars and photos with .Mac.On the other hand, it would be really super nice if they remained service-agnostic just...
I hope you don't work for Apple's marketing department.
The minimize button should minimize to the task bar, except sometimes when it minimizes to the system tray and other times when it turns the full-sized iTunes player into a mini-iTunes player.
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