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Bikertwin, you bring up a good point: if they include a dock connector, the iPhone could potentially use a lot of the same accessories as the iPod mini (or whatever iPod model it most closely resembles). As far as carriers go, I think Apple will do the MVNO thing because they want to control the whole platform (hardware + software + service) and companies like Verizon are notorious for crippling devices to protect their own profits.
Empty your junk folder in Mail.
1. Get a router with a hardware firewall and connect all PCs through that. 2. Install software firewalls (Ashampoo, ZoneAlarm, etc.) on each machine to block incoming/outgoing connections that are not from approved applications. XP SP2's built-in firewall is not enough. 3. Install Firefox on each machine and set it as the default browser. Hide the IE icon from sight so people won't be tempted to use it. (This may or may not jive with web-based apps the company uses,...
The zoom functionality should be improved (i.e. actually zoom to the optimal width/height of the window), not replaced. I don't have a need to maximize anything, and I like being able to see a bunch of different apps overlapping each other. Maximizing to full-screen is just a hold-over from Windows that needs to be erased from your memory.
If it's just a basic phone + iPod, it'll probably be about the size of the iPod mini, only thinner and sleeker. If it's a smart phone with lots of PDA-type features (i.e. Mac mobile), then I imagine it'll be closer to the full-size iPod design (only thinner and sleeker!) With 4GB of flash memory, these things would be useable as actual MP3 players, which is a quality most of the current "music phones" lack. They could also pack an iSight camera in there and have enough...
Most TV shows I download from BitTorrent are in either Divx or Xvid format, I'd be surprised if you needed anything else to play them with Quicktime (VLC is good, but I still prefer QT's full-screen controls). http://www.divx.com/divx/mac/ - Divx codec http://n.ethz.ch/student/naegelic/download/ - Xvid codec http://www.3ivx.com/download/macos.html - 3vix codec http://www.flip4mac.com/wmv_download.htm - WMV plugin
As mentioned previously, network fileservers and Quicktime previews cause the Finder to hang quite frequently. The fact that I can't write to an FTP server via the Finder is absurd. Thankfully, Leopard changes the file-renaming behavior to highlight only the prefix and not the extension; a much-welcomed improvement that should have been the default years ago. Tabbed windows would be a godsend, especially if you've ever used PathFinder for any length of time. I hate that I...
Giselle sucks. She's not that hot, and she seems like a stuck-up bitch. Apple is supposed to be shedding their "snobbish" image, so I hope this campaign doesn't try to associate the Mac with a useless runway model. If anything, the caption under Giselle should read "Beauty" and the caption under the Mac should read "Beauty + Brains."
It's "effect" not "affect".
1. File -> New Smart Playlist 2. Kind: Contains: Video Of course, you could also just create a regular playlist and drag/drop videos into it.
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