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That only applies to tracks imported (ripped) from CDs.
1. No. 2. Probably not. iWeb is mainly integrated with .Mac, although you can publish the pages to a directory on your hard drive and FTP the files to another web server if you want. Blogspot doesn't support this, though. As for exporting... I don't know what export options Blogger offers, but I don't think there would be an easy migration from Blogger to .Mac unless they simply gave you static HTML files that you could upload directly to your .Mac homepage. IMO...
Yeah, it's real. I got those screenshots from Paul Thurrott's review of the CTP preview released in February. In fact, the guys at Microsoft have quite a few applications in the works that are meant to mimic the iLife suite in terms of usefulness... iTunes: iMovie: iPhoto: Thurrott even scolds MS quite a bit in his review, as evidenced by his reaction to the new version of Windows Calendar:You can read the "best" part of his review...
Uh-oh! Microsoft is including a new application in Windows Vista called Windows DVD Maker, and it looks fantastic! I'm afraid this spells the end for Apple's iLife suite. Now even Mac users can boot into Windows when they want to burn their home movies to DVD. \
iTunes, obviously.http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/
Scratch that, you can drag-and-drop your movie files into your library from another drive (i.e. not the one listed as your iTunes music folder in Preferences -> Advanced). Just make sure you uncheck the box "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library."
1 & 3 will cancel eachother out, because you can only select one location for your iTunes music folder. This can be an external drive, but all your files (music and movies) will have to be on that drive. 2 is easy, just go to iPod settings and click the Podcasts tab. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes & iPod Updater if you don't already.
Just subscribe to the feed in iTunes and they'll all be in your Podcasts playlist.
Keep in mind, Apple does not encode the music themselves; the record labels do it. Convincing them all to re-encode every album seems unreasonable and unrealistic. \ It would be nice to see lossless files for sale on the iTMS, as long as iTunes included a convert-on-the-fly feature to downsample songs as they're transferred to your iPod. (They already do this with the iPod shuffle.) What I'm more concerned about, though, is the video resolution available on the...
New Posts  All Forums: