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Still gotta be better than the resolution you get now from the iTMS.
I use this one from Kensington:http://us.kensington.com/html/5463.html It also has multimedia keys at the top for controlling iTunes, which is nice.
Some universities do have special content channels on iTMS for audio, I'm sure video could be added as well. For some of those genres (instructional, special interest, religious, ballet/opera) people should pay per download, while others (Library of Congress) could be offered for free. I think Apple will start to allow podcasters to charge for downloads/subscriptions which will bring this type of content to iTMS in the very near future.
Just ask them to clear your download queue and then regrant the song in question (include your order number). You might also have to log out of the store and log back in... sometimes the network just needs to be refreshed.
You might have to demux (split video/audio) and then re-encode using third-party apps. Try ffmpegx: http://homepage.mac.com/major4/
Sony BMG already lists their music in the US store, so I'm not sure what that comment in the article is about...
Every iPod gets its own sync options, don't worry about that. And going from one computer to another requires setting up the sync options on each system - otherwise you could inadverently wipe out your entire iPod and that would be bad.
"A Fortune 500 company is seeking customer service representatives for their Consumer department for a one-year assignment, with long-term employment a possibility. These individuals will take inbound calls & facilitate post-sales activities, including processing payments, tracking shipments, resolving billing issues, answering general order inquiries, and providing high-level customer service in a very high-paced environment. Positions start on January 9th." I...
Pay-Per-View! I'd pay a few bucks to watch it live...
And I think they were all teachers last year, not just random audience members.
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