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What codec are the original files using? Are they just plain old MPEG-2?
The domain was probably just bought up by some guy who read this article and jumped on the name. All the other domains Apple owns are registered by markmonitor.com.
I vingled my pants when I read this story. It's definitely weird, even for Apple.
Sure you can: http://diveintomark.org/howto/ipod-dvd-ripping-guide/
You lost me on this... I guess I don't see the difference between pics/music/vids/computing on MCE and pics/music/vids/computing in Front Row. Only thing missing is PVR, which arguably could be handled by an eyeTV (and/or BitTorrent) for now until Apple gets their shit togther. What else does Media Center do? Explain what you mean when you say "convergence"...
All these moves are baby-steps toward some greater plan; hopefully a set-top box with PVR, wireless, hardware-accelerated encoding/decoding of H.264, and a large enough spectrum of I/O ports to satisfy average Joes and the Slashdot crowd alike (maybe even consumer/pro lines like they do with everything else).
I always thought an eServer + low-cost thin clients would be good for education customers... Imagine a 17" iMac design with optional CD/DVD drive and flash memory instead of a hard drive.
No need for the Powermac, IMO. Not only is it too much for your use, but you also have to invest in a monitor if you don't have one already. Better to get the all-in-one and use the extra cash for other supplies. Have you considered getting the iMac G5? Price-wise it's in-between the two models, but has a faster processor and more video memory for the applications you need (same video card as the eMac, though). If you do get the eMac, I'd suggest SuperDrive, 160GB...
BTW, if Apple plans to SELL music videos through the iTMS (which could happen as soon as this week), the music industry should be happy just to be making money off something that was previously distributed for free. But most big labels are greedy and dumb and will try to screw their customers by price gouging and essentially driving business away (and/or back to piracy).
New Posts  All Forums: