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" The company advertises MobileTrack as a feature for Apple's flagship iPhone 5s, but there is no indication that it would not work on Apple's other M7-equipped devices, the iPad Air and second-generation iPad mini." ... except that on the iPad Air, it doesn't appear as an option.
The level of integration is not especially tight with the automotive platform. I would be more interested in seeing what the aftermarket manufacturers are going to do ... Pioneer, Alpine, Bose, etc., all supply the sound systems for the automakers, so I wouldnt be surprised if we don't see them offering aftermarket versions for other vehicles.   I am currently in the market of a double-din sized GPS enabled head unit, but am holding off until the dust settles...
*sigh* "The company allegedly saw a "warning light" this month, when inventory began to back up as Galaxy S4 sales slowed." When will people actually word this correctly. Samsung doesn't report sales, it reports shipments. The inventory backs up because the carriers are unable to sell the huge number of units they have already been shipped. If Samsung relied upon "sales" data rather than "shipped" data that warning light would have gone off long ago.
Its worse than that.    Intel provided a reference platform for the Ultrabooks. They did the R&D to provide a competitive platform for manufacturers wanting to compete against Apple. UI considerations are also set for them by MS and Google - so we will ignore those (it's a whole 'nuther argument).    Apple did the R&D for their internals (and lets face it, they have packed more current tech into their "Ultrabook" style platform than the Intel one had) and their UI, and...
HTC/Samsung would claim those units as "Sales".
Sure it can - but not using copper, it needs the fiber based implementation* And - lo and behold - the Apple gear with TB ports are optical ready ... http://www.tuaw.com/2012/03/13/optical-cables-for-thunderbolt-coming-in-2012/ But thats irrelevant. The iMac is an All-in-one device. The display is not connected by a TB port, it is wired into the mobo. For everyone else ... wait for the upgrade to fibre TB cable later this year.   * I am trying to find the link that showed...
It would make sense - they have been backing a lot of losers lately.   (And seriously? M$?? Are you twleve? At least spell it out in full - Micro$ux Windoze :rolleyes: )
Oooh. Eye candy. Like the brushed metal buttons that shift "reflection" based on the accelerometer.   Its all about creating an immersive experience. Clever ... but will it ever beat the tag
Or ... you might not.   http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/25/louisiana-students-loch-ness-monster-disprove-evolution_n_1624643.html?ncid=edlinkusaolp00000003   It comes down to the teachers, the materials being taught, and the environment in which it is being taught. You can get away with poor teachers and subpar environments to some extent with the right students, but the materials being taught is a crucial element.   I read an article a couple of weeks back...
Supply chain management is Tim Cooks speciality. Jobs picked Cook for a reason ... and this is a great example of that.  As for design? Ives leads design. Its part of having a solid team. Jobs wasnt an expert in everything (he knew enough to know what was good), but he surrounded himself with experts. They have been doing their jobs well.
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