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Thanks! I had set up an iApps folder to have a fan of apps grow out of my dock to de-clutter... maybe I'l try aliases or something. thanks again!
Hey, So even though both iWeb and iTunes tells me an update exists (and they do), when I click update and Software Update takes over...it scans and tells me there is nothing available - i.e. gives me the 'your software is up to date' message with "Software Update doesn’t have any new software for your computer at this time." - even though it should. Any thoughts on receipts I toss or something like that? I forget where those types of things are buried.... thanks!
When ThinkSecret and Appleinsider got into trouble by the big AAPL a few years ago, one rumor sight disappeared and the other did not. Since then, the content of ai always seems to verge from the hysterical apple fan (which is fine) to the programmed PR piece. What reporting is in this story other than disseminating designed hype and reminding of Big red advertising? ("sold out"!!(?) - how bout try who? what? where? when? why?) Further, The Leaks that do come out of ai...
cool thanks. makes sense re airfoil.
I know Apple has layers of gooey ontop, but what's it based on? And why can't everything be wifi direct already....I want multiple networks!
Apple.com is just catching up to Apple design standards or 'dark aluminum design motif'. gone is white. in is glass an aluminium.Look closely at the background of apple.com front page. it is textured to aluminum and scrolls w the page.The menu bar is no longer aqua goo, it is shiny glass.Like the products they've been releasing for a while (iPhone 4, iPad, Macbookpro, imac, and even air and mini and remote!). Maybe the Pro will get a shiny black apple decal?real question...
Except the suits who kicked down Jason Chen's door! ZING!
look I can vomit with a touch screen! And search my data like Apple does!
" It was one of those head-gears of composite order, in which we can find traces of the bearskin, shako, billycock hat, sealskin cap, and cotton night-cap; one of those poor things, in fine, whose dumb ugliness has depths of expression, like an imbecile's face. Oval, stiffened with whalebone, it began with three round knobs; then came in succession lozenges of velvet and rabbit-skin separated by a red band; after that a sort of bag that ended in a cardboard polygon covered...
New Posts  All Forums: