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excuse me dear sirs and madams, Happy July 4th. Enjoy. When one of you apple faithful acquires a new 3G model of the iPhone, would you please think of donating your old 1st generation model to one of the depraved canadian folk, who are forced into 3 years of Limited data if they want any (canadian) iPhone at all. We'd all be much obliged up here.
youtube is about 7MB a minute no?400MB/7mb/min = 57 Minutes A MONTH of Youtube. 400 MB is NOT enough....Haave you heard of mobile me? how is Apple going to get iPhones to use Mobile me if customers are priced in to 13MB a day?
128k ought to be all I'll ever need.....
Como Dice "Fuck no"
Thanks! Will give that a try tonight....zzzz EDIT: DHCP lease fix worked great! Backed up and zipping into Time Machine, thank you both for the advice!
I recently picked up the Time Capsule and am excited for the 'wireless HD' idea. Yeah 1TB! however, backing up via Time Machine consistently fails. Unfortunately, my first backup was interrupted (don't ask) and it has never been able to go though a full backup. It transfers about 6MB a sec. for a few hours, then just dies with an error message. I've tried erasing the backup file in the time capsule, turned TIme machine on and off again, but it can't complete a...
Hey, I hope to get some extra space for my Macbook. I thought I read somewhere that getting one of those 320GB drives for my Macbook is not a good idea (too hot or something) - or maybe voids the warranty.... Anyone have advice on that? Do certain manufacturers have the accelerometer etc.? Anyone have any preferences on reliability etc? thanks!!
Does anybody know how well iPhone interacts with exchange servers (via IMAP of course) Will meeting requests get populated in ical/calender on the iphone? Do I have to sync iPhone to the PC where I have outlook (on XP) installed? or do I just set up the mail app. and keep syncing to my Mac? thanks if anyone has had experience in this,
Very cool. great incentive to join the cult- erm club.
FUUUUUUUU---inaly.... Edit: 1.99 for a classic 2 hours of NHL. Great deal. Go! Oilers! Go! Edit Edit: They have the Philly 57 feed rather than CBC? hmm....
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