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Difference is the iphone dev team isn't suing anyone!what's wrong with people!? Some lady CHOSE to buy something, then sued becasue her deal wasn't sweet enough? Honestly. don't be a customer. stay at home. turn on the gas stove, end yourself.
Yep. If Rogers (or a 3G version from Telus!!) doesn't appear by Nov. $399USD it is.
Game. set. Match. NBC will have to promise that the whole new season will be available before Apple takes them back. i.e. 1.99 is here to stay. bitches.
1. That's some dirty laundry 2. I actually might smell Hubris (form both parties) 3. nothing cures Hubris like Bittorrent 4. I guess we know Apple's percent cut now..
Pay twice for my media? They've got to be joking.
cool. using it. thanks.
Not to mention we actually LIKE American culture on the TV (only, thank you very much) compared to the Brits.AND have higher broadband connection rates (per capita) than the USA AND UK.So heck, throw up 30% NFB crap online to iTunes (Log Driver's Waltz anyone?) and open up the tubes!I for one think it might have something to do with Michael Geist not yelling at a certain Konrad von Finckenstein of the CRTC loud enough.
I"m almost tired of complaining....
Check out the detail these guys put into it - and the clever (har har) attitude... http://www.thinksecret.com/archives/...finder020.html
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