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I think there is a difference between not advertising how to unlock the phone and coming after those people who do. ie. It should not be illegal (nor impossible) to unlock you phone. DMCA kinda has this, but as phones get more and more complex, the software to unlock (and re-hookup to other visual voicemails, youtube etc.) may necessitate commerical software that can unlock phones. In the UK there is a great business of side street phone shops who unlock phones. I can see...
"Herbert H. Kliegerman" is a twat. With $2 000 less to show for it. I don't think lawyers think he can win, I think they were hoping at&t would hush it up with a $0 bill. said perfectly: "It may suck that you can't unlock the phone, but I don't think Apple or AT&T were being misleading or deceptive." Not to mention they ARE able to unlock their phones - if they're l33t haxors. If not, pay the man. bitch.
That's the first chubby iPod I've seen that isn't ugly. Well done. It actually finally makes my (1stG) black nano look old.I don't think the Touch iPod will have that many software features though; They might as well toss in the telephone radio at that point. If they differentiate it from the iPhone just by putting a HDD in it, I think it would cannibalize. I think there will be a sweet OSX interface and improved video out.I would love wifi video streaming (if slingbox...
if movies and TV are released on ITMS.ca, I'll eat my own bitTorrent
I'd pay - if they just happened to forget to take out that GSM radio
yes its is quite hard to tell that early in the morning...
9to5 Mac
O2 is Balls, Yeah?
Canada?!Is Rogers being daft?
enough said. have fun trying to make that work. When will people start understanding new media?
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