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well done, it's getting there... I'd just be scared to snap it
12 messages? People get PAID to write up studies like this??? paid by whom is the question I guess....
I'd wait for Santa. At least Nov. 1.
Ouch It wasn't all Laffer's special little curve?
interesting logic. So the new equilibrium (the correct price) is different form the old equilibrium (the correct price) because of factors without rationality. Something that may fall in this category of factors is the massive worldwide sell-off that has happened in the last few weeks. This can be interpreted as heard mentality, or people becoming more risk adverse as the larger economic trouble looms, etc. As I have said previously, looking at the evidnce of stocks...
My Apologies: wrong side of bed this morning.Thank you for wishing me a long (if slightly hobbled) life, and no, your taxes won't have to fund my hip.Sorry you became so riled as to show off your knowledge of the minutiae of the market. I think this is part of what makes apple 'different'. Most of the time I actually believe Jobs when he says he wants to make the best computers possible, the whole think different, change the world, let people create, mentality. This has...
are you serious? if you actually had a 'portfolio', you would know there is a little more going on in the markets right now to make AAPL show "volatility" ( which stockholders hate, while brokers may 'generally love'...) I think the Next iPods will come out for Christmas buying season, after the back 2 school promos are done. Analysts say many things about iPhone. I would go with Apple's numbers on this one, or just over (they tend to be conservative).
To Make you remember to buy an iPhone. To Make you remember to buy an iPhone. To Make you remember to buy an iPhone
Barefeats has some interesting numbers up re 1900X1200 gameplay (Prey mind you) on XP on the new iMac. the idea of better drivers etc is giving me a little more hope as it seems the ati is not as absolutely horrid as the first benchmarks suggested. Also interesting is the Core graphics and motion comparisions, where the AluiMac trounces the old imac (ie. performance increases inline with Mhz). http://www.barefeats.com/imacal2.html
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