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What does his salary cover?
I have never met a person who owns one but doesn't like it.  But i did think the final frame of the second video was funny where they showed a grid of iphones face up with one facing down and it making a honking sound.
They should call it Spaceship 0 in honor of Steve Jobs.
There is no reason that consumer electronics need to power off when the voltage goes below any certain threshold. You could more easily incorporated a voltage regulator -> transformer into the the mouse itself.
Its like they used camera flares to cover up the lead actors face because it's wrong. You know if they would have went with the christian bale cat commercial would have been cut way different.
I think we are getting to diminishing marginal returns of improving an already perfect device.  I wish they offer the choice of road warrior versions of their phones/laptops that would not require any new tech, just a bigger battery and more memory at the expense of being thicker. Whats more likely is the apple platform to continue to diversify in product categories while others continue to tailor products to cater to apple users.
This is important.  > mono .net is what power all of the unity games.  But the garbage collector sucks in the mono version.  The microsoft version is higher performance. Who knows if unity will adopt the microsft net kernel now that it is cross platform, but it would make me happy. Also visual studio is a powerful programming environment that i payed a lot of money to use.  Being able to edit on mac with it is great.
I don't think any of the price targets are worth paying attention to because apple is in a new state of change. Within 3 years of the new campus I think the product catalog will more than double in size and variety from where it is today.
My goth friend built much of the technology behind this.  He is a freaking computer and musical genius.  I hope it succeeded. I just wish they made a 4 string ukulele version because the form factor is similar to a RISA soprano solid uke stick which my personal favorite instrument to play. <3 <3 <3
Lagerfeld Confidential documentary starts him with shoveling through a bucket of jewelry for rings to decorate his fashion models that his is going to photograph that day.  He then grabs a hand full of iPods off his dresser littered with ipods for music to inspire his shoot. Through the whole movie he never opens a single door.  Completely pampered art director.  But his creative genius reliably keeps the entire empire beneath him inspired and employed.  Watch any of his...
New Posts  All Forums: