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Is there likely an another 2014 event besides the oct 16? Also, the logo looks like pages being pulled from the center of a book.
There is a magic trick of bending metal that a magician named Uri Geller had perfected.  I bet the trick would work with some of the aluminum phones.
I wear an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor (for blood sugar).  The insulin pump looks like a motorola pager from the 90s and its connected with a tube to an infusion site. The whole device is super awakard and needs a lot of babysitting and calibration and maintense.  It also requires me to interact with the device about 20 to 40 times a day in one way or another.  (testing, dosing for meals, calibrating, reviewing, etc) iWatch will not likely have a built in...
This commercial still brings tears to my eyes.  The music is perfect.  I can relate to the misunderstood kid.
What the hell are they building!!!! I want it!!!!
this would be waterproof
Mos hardness test is a scientific method of measuring scratch resistance.  You scratch the material with a variety of minerals until you begin to see a scratch. Beyond metal the next things that will scratch a phone are granite counter top, ceramics, and sand/dirt/grit on top of a surface that is otherwise safe.
This dude needs to do a moss hardness test. Scratching a key and knife to it tells us this display is harder than the key and the knife... and nothing else. The iphone 5 would also pass that.
Al Gore's our choice was a really excelent example of e-book interactiveity.
Google has betrayed America by stealing apple's secrets and then allowing to leak out.  They were on the board of directors for apple and produced great collabrative work, but now they taking what isn't thiers and giving it away.  I feel like im am talking like radicalzied nutcase, but I am so angry at Google.
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