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My goth friend built much of the technology behind this.  He is a freaking computer and musical genius.  I hope it succeeded. I just wish they made a 4 string ukulele version because the form factor is similar to a RISA soprano solid uke stick which my personal favorite instrument to play. <3 <3 <3
Lagerfeld Confidential documentary starts him with shoveling through a bucket of jewelry for rings to decorate his fashion models that his is going to photograph that day.  He then grabs a hand full of iPods off his dresser littered with ipods for music to inspire his shoot. Through the whole movie he never opens a single door.  Completely pampered art director.  But his creative genius reliably keeps the entire empire beneath him inspired and employed.  Watch any of his...
Jay-Z's copycat strategy likely has a puppeteer Samsung. However the value is much lower than beats because Jay-Z isn't a 1/10 as brilliant, hardworking, and talented as any one from the beats/itunes team: Dre, Iovine, Reznor...
One thing they should do is turn the power supply into a usb hub.
I want the pink one in 42
Tim Cook is really amazing.
I really love this website for these in depth articles. The apple store employees I have encountered the years were enjoyable to interact with.  They consistently pick vibrant individuals.  It would a fun article to interview international apple store employees likes sales staff and geniuses.  Not just about apple, but life abroad... Anyways keep up the great work.
This video brings me back to my father. He was Japanese, and loved doing calligraphy on huge sheets of blank white paper.
ads on the watch means the wrist is the product. Apple's walled garden has the unique ability to prevent that from happening. If they restrict the watch to have zero ads under all circumstances then the apple brand watch becomes more desirable compared to android which has no ability to limit ads..
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