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Most record players have rca cables, but operate at a lower level. So you would need a some sort of box to covert the phono signal if you were to use a normal record player. USB record players side step that problem by using an internal ADC.
Two for two! This is the second year in a row the apple holiday ad brought a tear to my eye. I love this song.
These MDs have huge earning potential at US clinics, but instead volunteer to risk their lives to save poor people.  I would say thats pretty cool.
I dont understand this. When a price target is given, is it not customary to attach a date on which by that price is hopefully realized. Is there a date that is implicitly implied?
This was an excellent article. Keep up the good work.
I saw this totally demented review of the IPad from t3 and i though some people would get a kick out of it.  Warning it is slightly grotesque and not for the faint of heart.  However, I could not stop laughing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKJb7bfpFiw
Right on Tim Cook!
Is there likely an another 2014 event besides the oct 16? Also, the logo looks like pages being pulled from the center of a book.
There is a magic trick of bending metal that a magician named Uri Geller had perfected.  I bet the trick would work with some of the aluminum phones.
I wear an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor (for blood sugar).  The insulin pump looks like a motorola pager from the 90s and its connected with a tube to an infusion site. The whole device is super awakard and needs a lot of babysitting and calibration and maintense.  It also requires me to interact with the device about 20 to 40 times a day in one way or another.  (testing, dosing for meals, calibrating, reviewing, etc) iWatch will not likely have a built in...
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