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I like the colors. I am guessing they left the faceplate white to keep the image on the screen from appearing tinted. For example if you had a white image on a blue faceplate, the image would be perceived as tinted yellow. The black/white faceplate should help keep colors being perceived properly.
Some of the wealthy chinese guys at school had freaky pimp pinky fingernails like that.  It seriously grossed me out and I would try and bring it up in conversation with them and they would refuse to talk about it. Gagging on lulz.
The laptop could have been a honeypot...  It will be intresting to follow the story to see the who's who on this list.
adobe having retina support will really help sell the retina laptops.  And creative users with retina laptops will really be annoyed with the way non-retina content looks on the retina displays. So they will be updating the content.   Nearsighted folks rejoice!  I have a pimped out apple retina laptop that i just got today and I really love how retina content looks...   AND retina lightroom on a ssd laptop will really be great.
Kodak is an important company and I imagine they have a really great portfolio of innovation and generations of important imaging scientists and engineers .  They are based out of Rochester, NY with is home of the RIT and the important Munsell Color Science Lab (which Kodak sponsored I had the privilege to visit once).  
Apple patenting more ingenius rectangles...
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein 2!
Some of the blackberrys have what looks like home-like button but really its an an optical mouse.  You move your finger over the button and it moves a cursor on the screen.  I would welcome that on an iphone/ipad.   Clement
Not to be a hater, but that is a lot of cabling...  I would think they would have had a more efficent city planning by now that would minimize roadwork.  Consider how beautiful the board layout for the macbook retina is.
Now that aapl is paying dividends there are a whole now set of stock portfolios that will be owning a piece.
New Posts  All Forums: