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Google has betrayed America by stealing apple's secrets and then allowing to leak out.  They were on the board of directors for apple and produced great collabrative work, but now they taking what isn't thiers and giving it away.  I feel like im am talking like radicalzied nutcase, but I am so angry at Google.
Say hello to your cellmate, Long Duck Dong.
OMG!!!! AMAZING!!!  My super genius friend built this!  Its so cool!  I want him to make a 4 string uke version!  I am so proud of him!
Also this device was different the the prototype i saw that had chevrons on the back to help give feedback on where your fingers are.
I have seen this device at a game developer presenation.  It was pretty cool for some games, but not really that useful otherwise.  "Fat finger problem" doesn't bother me though.  Presure sensitive touchpad would be more exciting for me (drawing, etc).
No connection here, but the "Analog stick" isn't a slide stick but more of a slide pad similar to the Nintendo DS as opposed to xbox 360 or dual rumble sticks.  It seems like if you want to make a joystick case, you should have made real analog joysticks that stick out and pivot rather than slide.  I just borrowed a 3DS to play Zelda link between worlds today and I think the only reason nintendo went with the slide pad rather than the joystick is to keep the low profile so...
Shame on me but I did it to an old phone not thinking.  :( Even if a surface is clean and smooth, if the surface is harder than gorrila glass, it will scratch it.  If you look at most phone cases, many have a bevel around the edge that keeps the glass from touching down even if its placed face down.   I wonder what cases will look like for convex screens...   If the display is concave like this bananaphone http://www.engadget.com/2013/11/26/lg-g-flex-hands-on/ then placing...
Convex phone screen is asking for scratches when placed face down on richy ritch's granet countertop. It is more usable for iwatch.
Get Applecare!
Does apple's money have to come back to america to buy the shares if it was to happen, or can apple buy the shares in other currencies without paying import tax?
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