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There is a patch for AOE2x that lets you run it in custom resolutions.  You can skip steam and probabbly run that in wine.  
My theory is that apple has hired him to build an Apple centric 2D/3D engine that they have total control over so app developers can build apps faster, easier, that better target the hardware. Athough apple squashed flash, apple is nervous that Unity3D got out of control. Games built with unity3d that were once ios excusive, are now every were. Android/ouya/webtv/windows/etc.... An Apple controled 2D/3D engine will address this and Lynch is a likely candidate to build it.
I was lulzing for a second at the headline because I got Prozac and Viagra mixed up for a minute.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/155932
Apple must be experimenting with all sorts of tech like wearable computing and curved glass, but this sounds like a garbage projects to make sure employees don't leak info before putting them on real projects.
This is just beautiful.
I am really looking forward to what Ives has in store. I think he has much of the same "Jesus" power as Jobs did. I really hope we can see him present at a keynote. Maybe now that Scott Forstall is gone he will be more willing to go to the keynote speeches. Plus he is more of a "hunk" than anyone else around.
I like some of it, but not at the cost of functionality. For example the podcast player on iphone5 is less functional. The reel to reel graphics take up space, when there isn't enough space to show the full text of the podcast title which are often very long. http://www.slate.com/content/dam/slate/articles/technology/technology/2012/11/121101_TECH_nprMostEmailed.jpg.CROP.article250-medium.jpg
Schiller needs some man-spanx.
I like the colors. I am guessing they left the faceplate white to keep the image on the screen from appearing tinted. For example if you had a white image on a blue faceplate, the image would be perceived as tinted yellow. The black/white faceplate should help keep colors being perceived properly.
Some of the wealthy chinese guys at school had freaky pimp pinky fingernails like that.  It seriously grossed me out and I would try and bring it up in conversation with them and they would refuse to talk about it. Gagging on lulz.
New Posts  All Forums: