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Total garbage, i can't imagine anyone paying 300 bucks for this.   As a gadget junkie, i wouldn't even buy it, I am so disappointing in this.  As an aapl investor I am so relieved to see that the Samsung smart watch is crap.  I am betting on apple (if the are really building a watch will make something worth buying).  I have gadget real-estate on my arm and want something new and awesome to play with.  My only worry is that seeing that samsungs watch doesn't have a...
Apple would not call a LED light a "Strobe".  That is a very different type of light and much better for photos, but not useful for video.
In america, houses have fuses, and bathrooms especially have GFI outlets that have a chance of saving a life in the case of a electrical ground fault via water.
Thanks for labeling it as editorial...
They should hire Karl Lagerfeld to do apple's next event...
If it had any compatibility with eyefi, I would freak out.
This is so blatant.
There is a patch for AOE2x that lets you run it in custom resolutions.  You can skip steam and probabbly run that in wine.  
My theory is that apple has hired him to build an Apple centric 2D/3D engine that they have total control over so app developers can build apps faster, easier, that better target the hardware. Athough apple squashed flash, apple is nervous that Unity3D got out of control. Games built with unity3d that were once ios excusive, are now every were. Android/ouya/webtv/windows/etc.... An Apple controled 2D/3D engine will address this and Lynch is a likely candidate to build it.
I was lulzing for a second at the headline because I got Prozac and Viagra mixed up for a minute.http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/155932
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