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Lol well put.If they do get banned for life they will just come back with a new name.
Apple used to run a lot of Sun servers, they are probably on linux today. The Apple Store and iTunes are on WebObjects, a NeXT technology. I don't know what Siri uses.
There are no parts currently available that meet both the vendors specs and Apple security requirements, whether they are cheap and unreliable or not.Seems like Elgato put together a solution so we may see more products soon. But it is not using off the shelf silicon / software and we don't know the power requirements and cost.
If that is the case, why wait for the announcement? Just agree to a time. Everyone sell! Stock goes down and you pick up some more shares for the same money.
Okay, so San Francisco lower case "e" is more readable in small font sizes. Other than that, I would say Helvetica Neue looks much better. I really like Myriad Pro in that screenshot too.
If they do make a titanium version I may consider buying one.
The problem with AMOLED is that it is not as bright in direct sunlight, right?   http://www.phonedog.com/2013/03/03/thoughts-on-amoled-and-lcd-displays-in-2013-is-there-a-clear-winner/   Why would I want a hard-to-read screen on a watch?
Mysterious large white building? Does it involve aliens? Or brains.
Thank you for making me aware of this nice article in the New York Times, Eran. It is an interesting and well-written article.
The United Kingdom includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (four countries). It doesn't include the main part of Ireland, which is Eire.
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