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Both Apple and Authentec say that their system learns, I wonder if the hack would still work after say a hundred uses?Does only detection improve over time (less false negatives), or does identification too (less false positives)? Does this help cut out fake fingerprints?
They are unique enough no?It must depend on the person and the resolution of the sensor certainly.
I doubt it is such a concern for the company. The iPhone is not the only product they sell in the USA.
I don't know about Thunderbolt, but USB normally requires that the cable provides power to the attached peripheral. How can this work with an optical cable? :? The press release and the product description do not clarify this: http://www.corning.com/CableSystems/OpticalCablesbyCorning/products/USB-3.Optical.aspx I guess it only works with self-powered devices...
Why, oh why do you insist on calling is Mosiac? Even in the graph it is spelled wrong. It is named after a form of art, mosaic.
What I see in this story is that Windows 7 will work fine without Internet Explorer and that we will probably see Windows PCs without Internet Explorer for sale. Hope that finally convinces some people that not everyone will use IE when visiting their web site. @ericblr: The EU did not ask Microsoft to ship their OS without a web browser, look at their answer. Apple does not collect info about your browsing, though some features do send data to Google (fraudulent...
Uh, what makes you think that? The success of the iPhone and iPod Touch? The Kindle may not be the best choice today, because of price and lack of content, but there will probably be more and more specialised devices in the future when they have access to more content and are much more affordable. Then we will have less use for general-purpose computers.
It won't move once you catch the cord. And you can find the controls when you slide your hand along the cord.Jimzip, you can't control volume or playlists etc when you connect to headphones without remote or to a stereo. But you can listen to music. Just select "continuous" or "shuffle" on the selector from the "off" position. Why don't you use a device with a display and controls to connect to a stereo?
The demos do indeed work on the iPhone. Nice!
Having Linux running on the iPhone is a good thing, it means that the device will remain useful for longer and it may find new uses besides what the device maker decides. I don't think jailbreak is a great solution on several levels. Linux on iPhone looks better!
New Posts  All Forums: