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Having Linux running on the iPhone is a good thing, it means that the device will remain useful for longer and it may find new uses besides what the device maker decides. I don't think jailbreak is a great solution on several levels. Linux on iPhone looks better!
You will be disappointed to see how widely Javascript is being used in the coming years...JiT will be part of the "Javascript revolution" Very true unfortunately.But Apple wants innovation to spread to all browsers and all platforms...Javascript is still more compatible and standards-based. All browsers have it built-in, not as a plug-in.
You are right about the English language spelling, but Ambiance is the correct spelling in French. And it means the same.
lol so true
Sorry but you get it wrong here. If we were to follow your logic by being separate the government would have to let some Muslim extremist group cut the hand of the (accused) thief, or a Christian extremist group stone a woman (accused) for infidelity. It is the opposite, the government sets the rules independently of religious beliefs and all law-abiding citizens are to follow them, whether it is in accordance with their religious opinions or not.
Lol, now we have a place to keep our speculative dreams. How do you operate this?
If it is working anything like Software Update on Mac, you just uncheck the software once. It will remain unchecked next time SU comes up.
I suppose he meant to use the read-write image as a shared disk of fixed size to keep data, which is the equivalent of partitioning. Time Machine would not be able to reclaim the space reserved for the disk image. Several times it is mentioned that you could connect n devices to the Time Capsule and slower devices to an old base station which extends the network. Do the TC and the AEBS need to be connected together via Ethernet to benefit from this setup?
It does not look like the DVD drive has a USB out, if it did it would not take away one USB connector. Alas what happened to USB daisy chaining? http://google.com/search?q=usb+daisy...pcformat.co.uk
So the Macbook Air was taylor-made to meet SJ's on the road needs, is it? And you are buying it?
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