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What now? Well one thing I would like is a better way to interact with computers, I am tired of the old mouse-window interface. I don't want to be managing documents, why do I still need to save "files" in a modern operating system? I know, that is because applications do crash. Can we address that first?
Eh? CoreFoundation is legacy? No, CoreFoundation is open source. Anyway, to the original poster I would ask: are you interested in Gnustep? Gnustep is an attempt to reproduce the NeXT/MacOS X environment in Linux. Its main achievement is a programming framework compatible with MacOS X. Check it out! And if you like it, look at the technologies in MacOS X-- in addition to the Cocoa programming framework there are IOKit, WebKit, the Core technologies (CoreImage,...
I am confused, does that use a LCD or eink for display? It does not look as white and black as eInk would so I assume it is a LCD. Not very attractive for a ebook reader.
Can't you strap it around your neck, it wouldn't press on the arm that way.
Heh, I am just happy to read a serious Dilger review. Is he at his best with simpler products? Well done.
The review is long, apologistic and sometimes inaccurate. But well, it does go into details and does include competitive information. Not bad by Roughly Drafted standards. It seems to please the crowd too I still prefer Anandtech's.
Every state in the USA use the same international prefix (ie. +1), that is not the case between Spain and Austria. I agree about the pool of cell phone prefixes.
And you are right, from what I read. I never realised that CDMA was newer technology. Though in many markets it is not available. From my point of view it is great that Apple went with GSM (living in the UK). An interesting note is that CDMA signals do interfere with GSM... With AT&T beefing up their GSM network I hope the opposite doesn't hold true
For the sleeve you can look at Incase: https://www.goincase.com/products/de...sleeve-cl57077 Battery advice: http://www.apple.com/batteries/ Software: http://www.versiontracker.com/macosx/ Hardware: http://www.crucial.com/index.asp What hardware are you thinking of?
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