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Please correct:Thanks!Edit: correction done :-)
Your signature:When was Afghanistan last peaceful, crime-free? Certainly not under Taliban rule.
Ah, nostalgia... 'Been a long time I didn't hear about Windows 3.1. That's cute So they released Safari for it did they?
http://www.digi-comic.com/index.php?...d=133#news_294 In regards to font smoothing seehttp://joelonsoftware.com/items/2007/06/12.html (also Joel had the "slow Safari" issue, see past entries)
The MacPro does not have a place to integrate the iSight. With MacOS X 10.4.9, just use any Mac-compatible Logitech webcam. If the packaging does not say Mac compatible use macam. There is no good solution to make iChat work with Windows unfortunately... At the moment Skype works well for cross-platform (except if you are using a stand-alone iSight, then get the latest Skype Beta).
That looks nice. And, erm... What about Photoshop Elements? I know all you professionals are having a great time now with these new releases, but what I am really waiting for is a Intel-native, innovative upgrade to PSE2 that I am using now.
Artman, is that an illustration of technology transfer? Where does the photo come from? WRT the long complaints: before using Speech, try using Summerize (Services menu). Here is an example of the result.
I could be wrong, but it seems to me that they put two soldered 512MB sticks in the enclosure. As for the 24" display brightness, maybe you could stick an anti-glare screen in front of it?
The firmware is the program of a hardware component, for example the bluetooth firmware makes the bluetooth module in your computer work. In this case it is the computer firmware that is updated. The computer firmware runs the fans and sensors and other components on the motherboard. It also bootstraps MacOS X.
That normally means that your logic board was replaced. Did you send your Mini for repair recently?
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