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Hi JerryWhat do you see in the Internet Connect connection log window (menu "Window")? Last 20-30 lines should be enough to tell.
Get a PowerBook or an iBook. The new PowerBooks are great, with little extras like BlueTooth 2 and fast drives. The iBooks and PowerBooks are a proven design that will last you long.
If you are paying $1000+ anyway, it would be wiser to buy an iMac. The only advantage of the Mac mini is that you can choose your monitor. It is very easy to add memory in the iMac, even you can do it. It comes with detailed instructions on how to proceed. Note: this is not the case with the Mac mini.
I found the article very funny. I believe the writers at divisiontwo enjoy being taken seriously, have a look at the mail section of their site. Hilarious.
Not that I believe in what MOSR says, but... Would it be a 16x9 44" display?
Thanks for "EHng" by the way...
Looks very much like a further development of ImprovLotus Improv for NeXTStep
According to MacUser UK "Maya 6... Mental Ray is a third-party renderer, which is used in many other high-end 3D systems, including SoftImage XSI and 3D Studio Max". So the modelers may be different, but there doesn't seem to be any difference between the two products as far as rendering goes.
Oh yeah, ask the question at http://www.cubeowner.com. They are most helpful.
First thing, careful with overheating with the Apple OEM version of the GeForce 2MX. Personally I underclocked it before sticking it in the Cube. The black borders are probably because the output was a 3x4 screen ratio and the monitor is wide. It may blank out if the system chose a resolution or refresh rate that is not supported by the display. I don't know what could cause the performance issues? Does scrolling work properly with the Rage Pro? Panther does have...
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