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First thing, careful with overheating with the Apple OEM version of the GeForce 2MX. Personally I underclocked it before sticking it in the Cube. The black borders are probably because the output was a 3x4 screen ratio and the monitor is wide. It may blank out if the system chose a resolution or refresh rate that is not supported by the display. I don't know what could cause the performance issues? Does scrolling work properly with the Rage Pro? Panther does have...
The ThinkPad X40 is a great platform to run Linux. The difficulty is finding a distribution which doesn't require a booting CD drive, other than that it is pretty much standard components (except maybe the winmodem).
Does it happen when your iPod is not connected? Do you have a file /Library/Logs/panic.log? You should call Apple again with the new info. Tell them the problem is not resolved.
I know who is TXEric. He is the guy that bought the last version of Windows, Windows XT 2014. He realised that his computer crashed even before the Start menu appeared, swore at him and proceeded to load all his documents on a Russian server before wiping them off from the disk the first time it was connected to the 'Net. Then he bought a one-way ticket to 2004 at TimeMachine Corp and looked to buy the best Mac available. Concerning the laptop: you don't really...
Did you select "Mouse" as device in the Bluetooth Assistant? I don't think you can disable the passkey with "Other device".
Wireless connection will work fine with any Airport card (sold as option) as long as the router is not limited to 802.11a. Any new Mac will come with MacOS X 10.3.5. If you buy second-hand, you may need to buy MacOS X 10.3 which you can upgrade with a free download to MacOS X 10.3.5.
Don't think there is any chance of a Windows malware mounting your Mac disks and damaging them from inside Virtual PC. I use ZoneAlarm to protect my Windows installation, and I avoid Internet Explorer as much as possible (http://kmeleon.sourceforge.net for a lightweight alternative for simple browsing). I never ever used Outlook. No problem so far...
Is it just me that sees this message in the ad displayed at the top of this page? So what the hell is Naked Football? Should I ask MSN?
Looks like you want a HD enclosure. If it was for an optical drive I would go for WiebeTech or StorCase Rhino Jr. You could try the MacPower products, they are cool and quite cheap. http://www.macpower.com.tw/products/hdd3/icecube/ic_800
Scanner/printer/fax all-in-ones ca ndo the job. The HP 4210 is about $150 and comes with Readiris. You can put only 20 sheets in the feeder tray though as I understand.
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