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Okay, as planned I put the Nec 2510A in a Prefect FireWire enclosure. It is totally silent afaict. I didn't do many test yet, but I found out that the drive is recognised as a DVD reader by MacOS X. Disk Utility doesn't support the drive for burning. I can burn a CD with FireStarter, it works fine using the generic raw driver. I didn't do any performance testing yet.
I ordered the Nec 2510A OEM for £49 inc. shipping. I will use it in an external FireWire enclosure connected to my Cube. I could not believe the price! It is just £15 more than the LiteOn Combo drive, which is already good bang for the buck.
You can do the same with the iPod mini.It can be from other sources. I exported my contacts from a Palm using the Palm Desktop software and the iPod recognises them fine. They should be in vCard format.If you copy the songs on the iPod simply as data (ie. without using iTunes), then you will be able to load them off your iPod easily. But you won't be able to play them. The songs that you put on the iPod using iTunes cannot be copied from the iPod to another computer. But...
Yes, I saw that in the FAQ page: they went with QEMU instead of Bochs. If I understand well, Darwine means that I can recompile an application using (a subset of) the Win32 API to run under MacOS X/X11? This is awesome! I wonder if Darwine is PPC-native, that is that it doesn't use the QEMU emulator itself? It would make sense. The x86-specific code in the application would be handled by QEMU, and the remaining would run at native speed. How much of a PC program is stuff...
If I remember correctly, the manual of the iPod mentions that you shouldn't wait for the battery to run down before recharging. That will reduce the battery life. You need to deplete it once in a while to recalibrate it though, so that you can get full benefit of the charge it holds. Just avoid doing it too often.
The alternate colours are not required in Columns view though. Because there is only one info per line, the file name. You are right for List view.You are mistaken for Mail. If you delete a message, the message below that one is selected. Except if you reverse the sorting order, in which case the message above is selected. In any case it is the next message in the list.
PHP web gallery JAlbum .Mac PHPic, but it is still at a very early stage (pet project of mine!)
You can use IRC to chat! Get pircd Beta One from http://pircd.sourceforge.net/ Double-click "pircd" to start the program. Then get X-chat from http://xchataqua.sourceforge.net/ For the PC users, get mirc from Tucows The server is your computer name The port is 6667 The channel is any channel you like (#chat for example) Have fun!!! Edit: direct download for Xchat Aqua 0.11.0
Prevent fingerprints on your iPod with this exclusive product! Fabulous Furs [Chilling] -- Denis.
[quote]Originally posted by suckfuldotcom: eye bee tee el ess dee sea
SdC is your signature, but do the other initials mean? Google pointed me to a company that sells cars on the internet, an educational site for lawyers, and a labels manufacturer ;-) That doesn't make sense for me.
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