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Apple needs to WAIT!!! Don't open the concept store yet!!!! Wait until MSFT has opened all their Apple Store clones and THEN unveil your new look. Then MSFT will look stupid and outdated instantly!!!
Anyone else get this letter? I hope I get it Friday.
With a blackberry and a piece of crap Nokia, our T-Mobile bill is $140 unlimited calls/text. You get an extra phone, another smartphone at that, though limited for only $25 more. Sounds like a decent deal to me.
Seriously, not interested. I just hate when MS tries to steal a mac convention's thunder.
It's called compression. It's normal. And everything on the web is digital.
I would say June-ish.
That's the elitist attitude that gave us a bad rep to begin with. It's about market share. It's about survival. It's about reaching out to those walmart 'types' who don't know squat about Apple. As a shareholder, I think this is awesome. It's about product and product availability, not about status anymore, it's about just selling a great product to whomever wants to buy it.
Same thing. No movie, just a grey screen. The chapter time line is visible only slightly, but no sound or video. Just a grey screen.
Steve even admitted "maybe we can increase the market share for Safari' by releasing the windows versions. That's all it is. Steve wants EVERYONE to use Safari like they do with iPods. It's just another hook into pc user base. Get them to use iTunes, an iPod and then surf on Safari. It make Safari more credible with millions of users, web site will now test for Safari compatibility, which in turns makes Apple and OS X look good. It means Steve wants to expand and with...
You're assuming it's plugged in when tragedy happens. It also helps should your mac get hit with a power surge or if it just dies and you have to take it in for repair. Having things backed up allows you to easily migrate to a temp machine.
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