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Is she still linked with Google in any way? or was she fired for being behind the acquisition of motorola for the patents which thus far has been a complete waste of money
 Do you not understand what a question mark means? You should look it up before accusing people
if Apples patents being invalidated helps Samsung with the 1.05b bill isn't that alike to getting away with attempted murder if the victim was killed in an accident the next day? The patents were valid at the time they were infringed ??
 Im sure a lot of companies do lie about not tracking. My browser is set to send the do not track header but after logging into Facebook I get 8 cookies and 10 tracking cookies. Google and Facebook would be 2 of the worst as all their revenue comes from advertising. A wise man once said, when a product is free, you are the product. This is why Android has no licensing fee and the reason for its market share, not cause its good, just free
Google is also help by the fact Android Phans are stupid and gullible and believe excuses like "improper coding and was unintentional" without looking at how it was done and could easily tell it was intentional and that googles whole purpose on desktop and mobile/android is tracking people to sell to advertisers. Opting out is merely a switch... that does nothing
How's that going for you? I tried the same but unfortunately all other search engines are either quite or really bad. Duckduckgo seems the best but I can set it as default on iOS. I only use my gmail now when you need an email address for something unimportant. It amazing after logging to gmail you end a with 30+ tracking cookies.
Agreed. Google directions in Australia are shocking. It's good to see they have finally entered some previously missing roads but it still directs you down one way roads the wrong way or to drive straight through a dead end. Apple maps are missing a lot features but none that I need so I prefer decent directions
I think the reason Apple do this is because you use their payment system with iOS apps app or use your own... not through App Store apps. Id say they're avoiding lawsuits from the "hey let start a class action against Apple" crowd for things that they have no control over. Its a good idea imo. You can just buy more storage through Safari or a desktop
Samsung and Android have the market share for a few reasons, 1: No Licence fee - meaning Android runs on everything thats not made by Apple and Nokia. This is Googles sly tactic to be able to track as many people it can. 2: Carriers push phones that can preinstall bloatware. 3: People who want a new but don't care what it does beside txt and calls and up with a Samsung thanks to reason #2 Its been shown many times that iOS is FAR more profitable to develop apps & games...
 My thoughts exactly. Touch screen windows tablets/laptops are nothing new, just have always been really bad. I think Google is doing the same thing with glass. Apple have patented a similar idea but don't seem to be working on a device as a device with the current technology will suck. Google glass will sell well to start but die off quickly and and rarely be used, just like like Android tablets hardly make a blip on internet usage stats.Funniest thing Ive seen to do with...
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