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whats the bet it was put in the app store by someone involved with China Publishing House for the sole purpose of litigation
 Not so sure about that, they're bringing subscription to the desktop as well. They know office is the only thing keeping some people on Windows eg: business related ect and they are gasping for air. Not sure about pages I never use it or word but excel is light years ahead of numbers. Numbers is a joke
I agree. The people handing out patents should be held liable for damages/costs of companies who get sued for silly patents that should never have been approved
  As far as Im concerned HTML5 as a new standard which seem pretty exciting where as Flash should go away and die. SInce upgrading to ML I haven't installed flash and can browse the net for as long as I want without the fan on my macbook kicking in.
They may have slightly undercut the iPad on price but paying a monthly fee for antivirus negates that. The bollywood style ad is pathetic too
its going to take a while before Apple maps are up to standard. Building maps is hard to start with, even harder when you respect peoples privacy.
  I bet he doesn't understand the meaning or point of your comment either
The specs arguments are growing thin too since the iPhone 5 has been proven several times to perform better than rival devices with higher specs.Any fandroid who attacks me asking for proof... other than being an advertising company and maker of poorly performing mobile software, google also has a search engine, use it
  yeah thats a better idea but the licensing still feeds trolls, although if they cant sue why would you bother paying a license
this is what wrong with the patent system. Many crying about the samsung suit, imo that is what patents are for. But patent trolling should be illegal. Patents should be invalidated when not being used and litigation does not count as use.
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