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  I know, thats my point. The should be promoting Windows and attacking Android. They have a much better chance of Android users switching to Windows than iPhone users
Nokia is run by stupid people. Don't they realise its Android killing them, not iPhone. People who don't care what phone they have got a Nokia on the cheapest plan, now they end up with Android on the cheapest plan.
I love how Samsung claim they 'Innovate, not litigate', now they're preparing litigation over something which they don't even know exactly what they're litigating for
The problem with all the cheap tablet are they're cheaply made. There's 2 fandroids in my house. 1 with an Acer tablet and 1 with a kindle. After months of hearing how Android tablets were so much better than my second hand eBay bought iPad 2 both of them died. Now I'm the only one with a tablet that works. Can't return them as they were bought from overseas, cost outweighs value
Google don't plan on making money from the nexus or android for that matter. Its all about tracking and selling to advertisers
  I think the matte colours are from Virgin Airlines. Looks to be as if Safari will detect pages that are passbook acceptable. But you're right, its ugly.
    they get troll blocked and then complain about it cause their troll comment becomes irrelevant
I'm looking forward to the upcoming Goophone lawsuit. Only in China could you patent a total rip-off
1B may seem like a lot of money for Apple to win but the snail pace of court system means devices get banned just in time for Samsung to release another infringing device. 
My hope that all the rumors were all wrong and the screen will be bigger all round instead of just taller dies a bit every day. It pretty much dead now... A taller screen was/is a stupid idea. No idea why they went with it
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