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Given the growing amount of android malware together with being open source I don't think I'd feel comfortable using android for any sort of payment. I don't know how it all works, living in austrialia it will be 10 years before NFC has widespread use so I haven't looked into it much at all but I don't think I'd be entering any sort of private info into an android device.
  and are continuing to dig deeper. Anyone seen this? they don't seem to learn - http://www.cultofmac.com/187428/now-samsung-is-ripping-off-apples-os-x-dock-for-their-windows-8-machines/
I had to look at your previous posts to work if you were serious or not... if you are serious, you are on a different planet to the rest of us
  Normally theyre on here every thread voicing their wisdom. Been a bit quiet since the verdict. I stumbled across an Android forums linked from a news article on the topic, they're all calling for patent reform now Androids ability to clone iOS has been tarnished
I wonder if this will make Motorola Google rethink their current litigation starting up
  that was my favourite part too. Not only thieves but delusional 
Its funny how you can read everywhere how "Apple Fanbois" will flame you to shreds if you say something bad about Apple but this Apple based forum has alway got the same google fandroids posting here to defend google, android and samsungs honour and try to start arguments. Must be very lonely people.
  Same idea as arguments made by Samsung about "rectangles" in court. If its so obvious why were things so ugly previously
Rubber banding is a good patent to have hold of. Using any android phone without it seems cheaper and nastier than the rest of them
  yeah its not fair eh, I designed the Lamborghini back in the 60s but cause I didn't release/patent or make it known about in any other way, people say I only made those drawings after the Lamborghini came out. Not fair! Not Fair! Not Fair!
New Posts  All Forums: