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Wonder if google are going to patent the opposite
I had a feeling Apples intention was to set a precedent. The way things are going most companies will be ditching Android due to the cost of licensing to everyone but its owner. Google will have to come up with other ways of tracking people.
This will be another industry Apple changes. We bought a Samsung "smart tv" after our old tv died. Smart is the last word Id use to describe it. It does very dumb things. It has an option to record a series but all it does is record the same channel at the same time every day, it ignores the TV guide that it downloads??? When recording you have the option to watch what you're recording, you cant watch another channel, whats the point of that? The samsung AllShare feature...
hopefully the ios6 integration remove a lot of the fabebook bloatware thats required now. I was looking to add Facebook to my game as a way to post results but registering as a developer, creating a program page and dealing with all other Facebook crap I decided to pass. Tweeting can be done in about 6 lines of code...
I know one market that is hoping with desperation that the surface will take off and sell well... antivirus companies. Their scare tactics of iOS security aren't going down too well and their monthly income must have sky dived during the move to mobile.
  In what way do you think above and beyond? A bit faster is all I could see from the video
I wonder if google ever came up with an original idea the world would collapse in on itself? Their goggles are a stupid idea imo but I thought they would be quite popular, but selling them to developers at $1500 makes you wonder about the final cost to consumers. Sounds a but like an abortion, 5% of that price would still be a far too expensive fad
Google are quite happy to make no money from Android products. The only reason it exists is so Google has another medium for its advertising and seems a lot of people are quite happy to use badly made and inferior products f they are cheap and not made by Apple.
  that is what I was thinking. Reporters these days are so lazy.
  I agree, its probably not the best idea either. The way samsung and motorola are going are going it won't compete with mini tabs, its will compete with massive phones.
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