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Yeah your right, it was written compatible with US 4G and roaming ect. which for most people with half a brain would raise the question about compatibility with Australian networks. The ACCC had a problem with it being called the 4G iPad altogether. I agree it was badly done by Apple but the fine is ridiculous especially when offering a full refund to affected customers
  Evidence? I don't think you should be asking for evidence. All you do is make smart arse replies giving no evidence at all.  And its hardly consumer rights, its more like protecting the stupid. It was written on the Apple site the 4G is not compatible with current Australian networks. All you had to do was read the information before entering credit card details.
  We have 4G on a frequency no one in the rest of the world chose. Not sure how true it is but Ive read it cause we didn't want to lose the awesomeness of analogue tv
  my thoughts exactly. The amount of stuff we get ripped off on in Australia is amazing. Pay one of the highest tax rates in the world and everything costs more than anywhere else yet the ACCC do nothing about anything that actually matters
  I agree about the ugly thing. I was looking forward to a bigger screen but the 16:9 'prototypes' you see pics of look quite ugly. I like the current aspect ratio, not sure why they're changing
Apples been working on their maps for 4+ years, Google hear about what is involved release another "preview" which is really just a slapped together "gotta be first" mess. This is Googles problem, previewing stuff before its ready and making it look better than it really is. Cant wait til their glasses are released and show they are nothing like what they have amped them up to be. Should spend a bit less money getting famous people to wear them and more money on...
really should remove that picture or the fandroids will come in droves 
I agree with all above post saying the wait is for Windows 8, in the hope of selling tablets running windows. Office is really the only thing Microsoft has going for it now, I much prefer it to iWork. The dev preview of windows 8 crashed consistently so I didn't get much of a chance to use it but the metro UI is one of the ugliest UIs i have ever seen
I hope the maps are more up to date than Google. Ive switched to Bing lately. Google maps for most parts of Australia I have used it for is like an encyclopaedia "How this place looked 5-10 years ago". Directions send you the long way, wrong way or to dead ends. The C3 3d example on youtube looked excellent. Probably only works in US and parts of Europe though.
  wow you proved me wrong. Guess I'll just continue to be a sheep and follow in your footsteps by saying others are wrong but providing no reason or proof.
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