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  haha you have given no facts   http://www.androidauthority.com/android-marketshare-gingerbread-froyo-ice-cream-sandwich-60474/   this is a couple months old but I doubt much has changed
  lol where did I say Im speaking on behalf of all other Windows and Android users? I said my opinion, and by choice, I choose to be neither a windows or android user. I chose to be a sheep with the other 41% of the smartphone market share... hang on that doesn't sound right? You and fred have obviously joined this forum to to start arguments. Go join another forum with like minded people who think Android is good.
Its funny how Apple can release Siri as beta and its still BY FAR MASSIVELY better than any competition and all that happens is law suits and complaints. People chose not to get the refund but to go to court, problems turn to !$ whenever Apple is involved
  why use every version? what the point? Google have or are releasing version 5 while 85% of fandroids are still using
I have used Android, hence the reason I know its crap although arguing with you seems a bit pointless.
The only ads you see for Apple products in Australia are Apple ads. HTC, Motorola and Samsung phones are all on the ads by telephone companies. The place I used to work were upgrading their phones and were told Android phones far better and more powerful than iPhones and were given the whole spill on cpu/memory ect. That confused them so they called me, I told them to use a Android phone before buying one, they ended getting iPhones.
  your "assumption" that a clearly stated "opinion" is an "assumption" goes to show what your "opinion" is worth. Everyone I know with an Android tablet or phone are either Apple haters or went the cheap option and regret it. Im looking forward to a larger screen on the next iPhone but 5.4 inch is ridiculous. I "assume" theres quite a few people who regret the purchase
  Maybe not directly, but without iOS it wouldn't exist. Google have never been very good at coming up with new ideas, just copying others, usually badly. My opinion of why Android is so popular is because telephone companies push it. Cheaper phones, less subsidy. People get iPhones cause they want one. Then spend money at the app store and use it frequently for things other than phone calls. Most people get Android cause it was the cheapest plan and use it as a phone.
  the biggest smart vendor in the world by using someone elses operating system and copying someone elses design. Every phone in which they have used they're own ideas has sucked. I have no idea what people like Android cause imo that sucks too
I'd like to see some of the complainers actually talk to Siri. I don't remember ever seeing a Siri ad that promotes the ability to understand speech impediments. Ive never had a problem with it and I really only use it when Im drunk
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