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John what OS are you running? Just curious.
I haven't had the problems you are having. Mine rarely crashes and runs ok. I did notice if my computer went to sleep MC transport would loose connection. I turned of sleep on my mac and it has not been an issue since.    The only other problem is when you reboot you need to reconnect the device.     I recently tried it with FCPX and found it had pre programmed controls, as well as MAIL and iTUNES.   I personally do not mind having to configure the apps...
Guys just check out ATT's website it clarifies everything.         *Smartphone required. 3G, HSPA+, LTE devices only. Up to ten devices per plan. Additional monthly charge per device. Tablets sold at a discounted, 2-year contract price not eligible. $15 per GB for add'l data. Activation fee may apply. Additional deposits and other restrictions may apply. Access to corporate email, company intranet sites and/or business applications requires an Enterprise...
I am assuming if I have an iPad Wifi, I could use this plan using the HOTSPOT plan,  however if i have an iPAD 3G, then Id need the tablet plan. Correct?   anyone?
wonder what they will copy from apple this time.
hopefully they open it to third-party audio decks so we can replace our decks with iphone able stereos on other cars. this could be a bigger seller
the apple page shows the NEW icon next to the mac pros.
no mac pros! ahhh
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