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I think dropping the DVD from the iMac, and making them difficult to service/upgrade is a mistake. These are not laptops, so dropping the weight is not worth the trade off.
This is really disappointing.  For all the fanfare, I find the service at Apple Stores to be less then stellar.  Their are too many people who just seem to stand around and take your name, and not nearly enough to help with sales and resolving service problems.  I hate that I have to make an appointment just to come in and have a bad power supply or other minor issue resolved, and then I still end up waiting around 30 minutes or more.     I had an problem with moving...
I had the exact same issues and same resolution.
Give me a break.  True capitalist try to take care of their customers.  Axing an already stretched sales staff is just completely idiotic.  This isn't about politics, it's about knowing your a** from a hole in the ground.  
This is very distressing.  Despite all the hype, my experience at Apple Stores has been very poor from a Customer Service standpoint.  They do not have enough people who can actually deal with Customers and their issues.  Too many that just stand around.  Apple is profitable, and their stores are profitable.  Trying to milk more profit at the expense of exceptional Customer service is a big step backwards.  They need to IMPROVE not digress.
Perhaps its true, because it's TRUE.
Greenpeace needs to suck some coal bags. These groups are killing U.S. business. In order for there to be jobs and business we need reliable, affordable energy. Coal is one of our best and most prolific resources. These other sources of energy fail to take into account the production costs, the life of the equipment and Government subsidies. When these are all factored in, most of the "renewable" energy sources are not sustainable and create more net pollution...
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