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I am no longer tracking insider websites. So, did any website predict nano? Probably, not...
Appleworks appears to be aging rapidly. IWorks is very nice, but it does not have a spreadsheet. I'd go with iWorks, but I need to be able to filter data on a spreadsheet. I don't think I can do it with Appleworks spreadsheet, but it should be possible with Appleworks database. At the same time I don't really want to spend money on a product, which might be replaced really soon. So, are there any rumors about incoming spreadsheet and/or small database as part of...
I just started using email application and it is nice in general. I am using fastmail.fm IMAP service and I noticed in web browser interface, that Mail application marks some messages as deleted. If I delete a message it is moved to a trash folder and this is nice. If message is moved to my local store, the remote message is marked as deleted. I tried to use "Erase Deleted Messages" menu, but it does not seem to have effect. Do I miss something?
I just switched to OS X. I'd like to know if it is possible to change the default background of all widgets/components from white to tan. For example, the window in which I am typing, finder client area background, text, text edit area background, etc. On windows you just select new background color for controls are you are done. I can't find any similar option in OS X. Thank you
dummy me. delete my post
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That's what Steve wants you to think. You guys are tired of G5 powerbook waiting time. Think about it. Some of you predicted it over a year ago.
Nr9's prediction in his "power mac won't get any faster" thread holds.
Hi, Please, avoid religios comments. I am not an expert in OS X programming, but I'd like to see what are the strengths in OS X API in comparison to Windows API. Where does OS X loose? For example, windows says Avalon technology is cool. Is the a comparable OS X technology?
my 2c guess both iBook and PowerBook will be updated. iBook is overdue and PowerBook is underpowered if iBook is updated.
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