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"The inclusion of 802.11ac Wi-Fi would bring the next iPhone up to speed with Apple's current Mac " To bad that the NAND Flash in Apples iOS products are so slow. People harp about AC, USB3 and other stuff. Wont help syncing since you are lucky to get 10meg/sec on the NAND used today. This is one area that Apple should fix. I thought Apple would use ANOBIT controllers in their SoCs.
Apple have a gross profit over 50% on iPhone. This works in USA where phones are subsidized. Most countries are moving away from subsidies since cheaper data/calls are more attractive for customers.    In Euro countries an unlocked iphone const 1200 dollar + thanks to taxes. High end Android 300-400 dollars. Even GalaxyS5 cost under 900 dollars.  People are prepared to pay a premium for a premium product but Apple is not 30% better than Samsung. Adding 100 dollar (+...
Fun with AC WiFi. Do you think Samsung have addressed the slow NAND Flash in today phones? You are lucky to get 10Mbyte/80Mbit speed on them. Fun stuff like that when people wants 150Mbit LTE, 1.3Gbps WiFi, USB3 and so on and the Flash memory is to slow. One of the main reasons why Apple bought Anobit was to create their own Flash controller. Maybe for iOS. That could lead to a performance breakthrough. Today it takes upward 30 seconds to load a game on iPadAir. Its the...
I wish that Apple at least started to do what Google does with Gmail: Cache all pictures and stuff on their own servers. Today most spam gets validation thru HTML mail. Having picture/links cached on local servers stops this. I understand that Google does this because THEY want to data mine the stuff instead. In Apples case: I trust them more, since they don't make their money from advertising/data mining.
The irony... Ericsson was in 1997 the worlds biggest cellphone company. They where the biggest base station company. Over 140000 employees. Then Ericsson hired ex Microsoft Rolf Skoglund as their IT officer. Until then every single worker had a Unix workstation or a diskless client/Xserve. This could not MSFT "ex" boss handle. He instituted "Ericsson system office environment". Everyone should have a PC with Exchange. To make a long story short: You can't develop new...
At least here in Sweden: When you buy a high end Samsung phone you get the Gear for free. An educated guess is that they have given away 750K and sold 50K.
Why can't Apple just let me rent all their stuff? "You can have the latest iPad. Always. Just 49 dollar/month". Just switching iPhone/iPad each year sets me back 2000 dollars (EU taxes). And I have to switch. Steve will be angry at me if I don't buy the latest.
Apple forgot to pay the standard bribes in Italy. Just like Asia. The police needs its "tea money".
1) Samsung does not need more "space" of its own 64bit chips. They have enough wafer quantity to produce everything they need.    2) You can't take a chip design from Samsung and just start produce them at a GloFo foundry. You need a new tapeout, testwafers, verifying and probably re-spins.    According to Semiaccurate.com Apple already have a foundry/plan. Its behind a paywall, so I dont have any details. Semi are usually correct about foundry rumours.    Same with...
This is not Steve Jobs Apple. If it was Steve Jobs Apple: iPhone is a software platform. A new iPhone is only released with a new OS. Maybe Tim will play Samsung and release meaningless hardware upgrades a couple of times a year.
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