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I wish that Apple at least started to do what Google does with Gmail: Cache all pictures and stuff on their own servers. Today most spam gets validation thru HTML mail. Having picture/links cached on local servers stops this. I understand that Google does this because THEY want to data mine the stuff instead. In Apples case: I trust them more, since they don't make their money from advertising/data mining.
The irony... Ericsson was in 1997 the worlds biggest cellphone company. They where the biggest base station company. Over 140000 employees. Then Ericsson hired ex Microsoft Rolf Skoglund as their IT officer. Until then every single worker had a Unix workstation or a diskless client/Xserve. This could not MSFT "ex" boss handle. He instituted "Ericsson system office environment". Everyone should have a PC with Exchange. To make a long story short: You can't develop new...
At least here in Sweden: When you buy a high end Samsung phone you get the Gear for free. An educated guess is that they have given away 750K and sold 50K.
Why can't Apple just let me rent all their stuff? "You can have the latest iPad. Always. Just 49 dollar/month". Just switching iPhone/iPad each year sets me back 2000 dollars (EU taxes). And I have to switch. Steve will be angry at me if I don't buy the latest.
Apple forgot to pay the standard bribes in Italy. Just like Asia. The police needs its "tea money".
1) Samsung does not need more "space" of its own 64bit chips. They have enough wafer quantity to produce everything they need.    2) You can't take a chip design from Samsung and just start produce them at a GloFo foundry. You need a new tapeout, testwafers, verifying and probably re-spins.    According to Semiaccurate.com Apple already have a foundry/plan. Its behind a paywall, so I dont have any details. Semi are usually correct about foundry rumours.    Same with...
This is not Steve Jobs Apple. If it was Steve Jobs Apple: iPhone is a software platform. A new iPhone is only released with a new OS. Maybe Tim will play Samsung and release meaningless hardware upgrades a couple of times a year.
MSFT have never done a good product. They dont want to since they rely on upgrades. MSFT have never been able to compete in a market where there is competition. Today they still make over 95% of their profit on monopoly products Windows/Office. If I want to buy a PC today its still a monopoly since all mainstream built PCs ship with Windows. The interesting thing is that tablets replaced the Netbooks. For the first time customers had a choise between Windows and...
*hint* To use 2 different foundries for one SoC is highly unrealistic. You have to design 2 different SoCs to do this. You cant just take your tapeout from Samsung and walk to TSMC with it. A more realistic (and more secure for Apple) is to continue use Samsung for A7 and under SoCs and use TSMC for A8 and above. Apple could even do A7X on TSCM and A7 with Samsung. But Apple really needs to dump Samsung. Samsung got the head up on 64bit A7 because they manufactured it 6 ...
*sad* I wanted this movie to make a ton of money because we would have got more Steve Jobs movies. I want EVERY movie to be about Steve. Imagine Christoffer Nolan Dark Jobs Rising. Superhero Jobs fights crime/evil around the world by inventing Igadgets and using guns. Or Mission Possible. Steve/Jony is the new Impossible Mission Force! And don't forget all the Steve pron!
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