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This is not Steve Jobs Apple. If it was Steve Jobs Apple: iPhone is a software platform. A new iPhone is only released with a new OS. Maybe Tim will play Samsung and release meaningless hardware upgrades a couple of times a year.
MSFT have never done a good product. They dont want to since they rely on upgrades. MSFT have never been able to compete in a market where there is competition. Today they still make over 95% of their profit on monopoly products Windows/Office. If I want to buy a PC today its still a monopoly since all mainstream built PCs ship with Windows. The interesting thing is that tablets replaced the Netbooks. For the first time customers had a choise between Windows and...
*hint* To use 2 different foundries for one SoC is highly unrealistic. You have to design 2 different SoCs to do this. You cant just take your tapeout from Samsung and walk to TSMC with it. A more realistic (and more secure for Apple) is to continue use Samsung for A7 and under SoCs and use TSMC for A8 and above. Apple could even do A7X on TSCM and A7 with Samsung. But Apple really needs to dump Samsung. Samsung got the head up on 64bit A7 because they manufactured it 6 ...
*sad* I wanted this movie to make a ton of money because we would have got more Steve Jobs movies. I want EVERY movie to be about Steve. Imagine Christoffer Nolan Dark Jobs Rising. Superhero Jobs fights crime/evil around the world by inventing Igadgets and using guns. Or Mission Possible. Steve/Jony is the new Impossible Mission Force! And don't forget all the Steve pron!
I really don't understand the upside of TB2 beside 4K displays. Today we have 2 lanes 10Gbps in Thunderbolt. TB2 combines the 2 lanes to one 20Gbps lane. So we will see no advantage exempt that we can use an Apple 4K display using TB2. Just because Apple are to lazy to put in a DP connector so that I can use the screen with any computer So Apple wants me to get 1) a new computer just to get TB2. 2) an Apple 4K display that only support TB2 3) I can't connect it to a PC...
Fun patent. It would be possible to have for example 12Mpix x3 setup for 36mpix camera. I doubt however that Apple will use 3 lenses. It would cost to much. (even if it just cost 1 dollar. Apple sells 120 million iphones per year. That is almost 300 million in extra cost)
Apple sells almost al its phones with carrier contracts. Some are subsidised some are not. The problem for Apple is that phone companies now have alternative to Apple. They can dump Apple and go for an all Android/Winphone lineup. The main reason for carriers to do that is to get control over the phone/homescreen and revenue sharing. All stuff that Apple won't give. If I understand things right carriers get a cut from every single Android app sold in the play store. Just...
Guess that Apple should have continued to use Solaris/Sun/Oracle like they did before iCloud. Using HP machines Azure will never work 100% (or 99.9995% that is acceptable downtime) or be secure. Apple should use their own Xserve/Unix servers. Not play around..... Guess its the same old problem: Old unpatched SSH SQL injection.
No 4K content? Hint: iTunes store. Every single movie on film is 4K. Every single movie that have been scanned for digital market since early 2000 is scanned in 4K. Delivery of 4K content is another thing. Most people don't have 100Mbit and even with H265 codec 4K movies will be 25-50 gig.
WIndows Vs Open is more Windows Vs Unix. The difference between Windows and Unix = Unix works, its scalable and have zero viruses/"server grade security". If closed was better, then Windows Phone should do much better, also Windows on ARM. Windows simply could not fit the GUI/Power requirement in a post PC world.
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